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  1. Lots of great matches here. What matches are you looking forward to? What are your predictions?
  2. What returning champs are there? Could we see any of these champs in the same weight?
  3. I see Austin McCloskey as well as Logan Wedding will be there. Any other hoosier grapplers plan on going? Also, do high school wrestlers not have to wrestle in a qualifying tournament to wrestle?
  4. 1st round match-ups. (based off results from ihsaa website.) 106: Kuhn ® vs. Derr (BV) Arney (M) vs. Lutz (P) Seng (MD) vs. Pellacer (GS) McCormick (CE) vs. Brown (CA) 113: Davis ® vs. Utzman (SS) Mastison (H) vs. Myers (HH) Johnson (MD) vs. Stocker (WM) Stock (NP) vs. Baehl (GS) 120: Johnson (ME) vs. Greenwell (GS) Johns ® vs. Karges (P) Goebel (MD) vs. Miller (HH) Turi (CE) vs. Welch (CA) I will try to post more later this evening. Unless Y2 can post the brackets sooner.
  5. 106: R, MD, ME, MV 113: MD, R, NP, H 120: R, ME, MD, C 126: ME, R, MD, MV 132: R, MD, ME, C 138: MD, C, MV, ME 145: R, ME, C, MD 152: R, MD, ME, MV 160: N, ME, MD, H 170: R, MD, MV, N 182: MD, ME, B, H 195: MD, ME, NP, N 220: R, MD, CE, ME 285: MD, NP, C, ME
  6. Straight from the Semi-State Rankings: 113: 1. Anthony Schoettle ? Center Grove 2. Bailey Lahue ? Corydon Central 3. Matthew Mastison ? Evansville Harrison 4. Josh Davis ? Evansville Reitz 5. Nathan Schnitter ? Jasper 6. Tyler ?Lock &? Stock ? North Posey 7. Alex Johnson ? Evansville Mater Dei 8. Peyton Reese - Franklin 4 of the top 8 are from the Evansville Central Sectional.
  7. Top 6 Seeds: 106: Kuhn ® Seng (MD) Arney (M) Chamlee (H) Wilson (MV) Poirier (N) 113: Mastison (H) Davis ® Stock (NP) Johnson (MD) Aldridge (N) Suar (MV) 120: Johnson (M) Goebel (MD) Johns ® Turi © Rohlman (MV) Cassidy (N) 126: Vanhook ® Wedding (M) Pierre (MD) Braye (N) Hoehn (MV) Frymire (NP) 132: Moody ® Schroeder (MD) Oakley (CE) Bouchie (ME) Powell (N) Whoberry (MV) 138: Lannert (MD) Kelley (CE) Hoehn (MV) Backes (RE) Petrig (ME) Frymire (NP) 145: Bassemier (MD) Kemper (CE) Hayhurst (ME) Appel
  8. I heard the same thing. If its true I can't believe the North Coaches would allow that. I think it makes the team, the athlete, the coaches and the program look terrible.
  9. In a round robin between these three conferences who would win? Here are the match-ups of the champs. 106: Brown (CA) vs. Nawl (VL) vs. Waninger (TC) 113: Mastison (H) vs. Schitter (J) vs. Stock (NP) 120: Welch (CA) vs. Karges (P) vs. Miller (HH) 126: Wedding (ME) vs. Kersteins (J) vs. Lawalin (TC) 132: Moody ® vs. Cheves (J) vs. Alvares (TC) 138: Lannert (MD) vs. Meza (W) vs. ??? 145: Bassemier (MD) vs. Hoehn (MV) vs. Singleton (GS) 152: Ruger ® vs. Dallas (MV) vs. Mundy (S) 160: Parkinson (MD) vs. Koberstein (P) vs. Oser (HH) 170: King ® vs. Wampler (MC) vs. Stett
  10. Top 4 Seeds: 106: Brown CA Kuhn R Seng MD Arney ME 113: Mastison H Aldridge N Davis R Johnson MD 120: Welch CA Johnson ME Johns R Goebel MD 126: Van Hook R Wedding ME Pierre MD Doud CA 132: Moody R Oakley CE Schroeder MD Meiring CA 138: Lannert MD Kelley CE Petrig ME Backes R 145: Bassemeir MD Appel R Kemper CE Hayhurst ME 152: Rueger R Henshaw ME Folz MD Witte CA 160: Parkinson MD Colavecchia ME Dickens N Mandel CE 170: Campbell N King R Warren CA Funke ME 182: Brandenstein MD Meyer ME
  11. 106: Kuhn over Seng 113: Johnson over Aldridge 120: Welch over Johns 126: Wedding over Van Hook 132: Moody over Oakley 138: Lannert over Kelley 145: Kemper over MD 152: Rueger over MD 160: anybody 170: Warren over King 182: Brandenstein over ??? 195: Mauer over ??? 220: Schnaar over Collins 285: Wright over Hohl
  12. niceshot


    With the SIAC being only a couple weeks away, what are some thoughts and predictions? I see Castle's gym being packed as Mater Dei and Reitz battle it out for an SIAC title.
  13. 106: Reitz major (R 4-0) 113: MD pin (MD 6-4) 120: MD decision (MD 9-4) 126: MD decision (MD 12-4) *this is assuming that Van Hook does not wrestle. if he does I give it to Reitz by decision. 132: R major (MD 12-7) 138: MD pin (MD 18-7) 145: R decision (MD 18-10) 152: R pin (MD 18-16) 160: MD decision (MD 21-16) 170: R major (MD 21-20) 182: MD major (MD 25-20) 195: MD major (MD 29-20) 220: R pin (MD 29-26) 285: MD decision (MD 32-26) I see it coming down to whether or not Gideon Van Hook is able to wrestle or not.
  14. North and Central have some studs to watch out for. North: Aldridge, Dickens, Campbell, and Lane lead a very powerful North team Central: Turi, Oakley, Kelley and Kemper lead an equally powerful Central team.
  15. Reitz has several possible line-ups. 106: Ferguson/Davis 113:Kuhn/Davis 120:Johns 126:VanHook 132:Moody 138:Rueger 145:Appell 152:May the rest could be anybody.
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