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  1. Oh you're so right, Riley left BG looking for a team state title and just happened to fall into an individual state championship. Jim Schoettle you're a liar. P.S. Riley actually earned 3 rings
  2. Cody wins another state title
  3. Heard they are looking for a HWT too
  4. Fact no takedown was called, another fact Riley be Austin last week too so it wasn't a fluke, last fact RILEY MCCLURG 160lb STATE CHAMP. I think they both are god kids and wrestled hard and did what they could to win the match.
  5. Walks around now at 285
  6. 2years ago he had to cut from 320 from football
  7. Focusing on greco will only hurt your freestyle and folkstyle. Crazy! Telling someone to not focus on greco is terrible advice. Freestyle and folkstyle both have the style of greco within it so you must be proficient at the style. You don't have to know how to be a scoring machine but you must be able to control ties and defend ties. Telling someone to not work on greco is some of the worst advice I've heard in a long time. I can give you example after example of kids that won or placed in big tournaments (high school state, cadet & junior nationals, fila, NCAA's, etc) that spent a lot of time working greco. The problem today is kids don't spend enough time with it and you can see it in the inability to control ties, defend ties, and score from in close. I know we all wish we could be John Smith but that just isn't the case. If you can't score from the outside then you better learn how to score from the inside. Train all style and specific techniques that go along with the style. If you really get down to it wrestling is wrestling. Knowing and having the ability to gut is important in all three style because of the movement. I can take greco and freestyle techniques and apply them to folkstyle. I can take greco techniques and apply them in all styles. True you cannot just walk in but you can do things to put yourself in the situations you want. You must be good in all areas if you want to win at the highest levels.
  8. Suter didn't put that himself. If you read the whole post you'll see where he got on and said something.....
  9. Let's get it going! Good luck all 4 Center Grove (Sean, Brock, Drew, and Anthony) and to the rest of the athletes and coaches downtown this weekend. Like the title says I'm in Afghanistan currently. Any and all updates the next two days would be greatly appreciated.
  10. In Lance's 4 trips to the championship match the results were, Freshman he TF Scott Schultz, Chesterton, Sophomore he won 3-2 over John Faurote, Bellmont, Junior he got a major (12-4) over Mark Rosenbalm, Merrillville, and as a Senior he Pinned Scott Wilson, Rushville in a 1:15..... Pretty good showings I would say and did I mention he was like 172-0 with 155 falls.... I'm terrible at math but I believe that is about a 90% fall rate. 4 consecutive seasons of dominating.
  11. Which season of Lance Ellis's career would you like to pick? I believe he was 172-0 with a 155 career pins..... I would say every year was pretty dominate. There have also been some guys set records that we will never see touched that could probably be mentioned in this conversation. Most Falls in State Finals: 10 by Ray Frankowski pinned everyone he faced in the state finals in 3 years. 10 pins in 3 appearances 1936-38 (Frankowski pinned all 10 opponents in three years).
  12. there was also a 3x HWT champ in the mid 30's I believe... can't remember his name
  13. I think there are some very good HWT's that are being forgotten... Suter is very good, very athletic, and I love the way he wrestles as a HWT, and I know he isn't the one saying things but there have been some really good HWT guys go through this state. There have been guys such as Greg Wagner (great college career), Frank Hammond, Demetrius Jackson, Chico Adams. Just a few to go along with Schneider.
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