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  1. The major flaw with the logic of “Which brings me to my common sense approach... If a kid is sick send him home for 10 days or until he obtains a negative test. Its just like any other illness!!!” This is from the medical research site uptodate.com, the virus is most contagious in the 2 days BEFORE symptoms and right as symptoms present. Which is different from the majority of illnesses.
  2. This is what I have. 20200711_075505.pdf 20200711_075812.pdf It’s blocking me from putting the 3rd one up.
  3. That's great, Thank you! Did you type all that out? That is some effort there. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I’ve been checking out that website. Which is what lead me down this rabbit hole! I’m wondering more about the ticket round matches that it doesn’t show. I just sent Jason and email. Thanks for the idea!
  5. Since I have been stuck at home with all this extra time on my hands I have tackled the task of converting my old wrestling videotapes to digital. With that I am wondering who stopped certain wrestlers from making it to state. Just curious if I can locate semi-state brackets from 2000-2006 to add to my collection of wresting junk. I have New Castle 2001-2003. I would appreciate it and bonus if it has scores! Please send me a message if you would be willing to help! Thanks
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