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  1. No i'm pretty sure that Greco won't hurt your freestyle/folkstyle. It helped me all throughout growing up. Being able to throw and hand fighting that you learn among many other things help out tremendously. Especially the hand fighting, which I don't care what anyone says the hand fighting in Greco is so much more physical than that of freestyle/folkstyle. And from previous comments i've read in the past, who is to say that freestyle or folkstyle are more important than Greco. I mean it is an Olympic sport, folkstyle isn't.....
  2. Sorry Y2 but I bought the winning ticket and I will be opening a 10 mat wrestling/training facility soon.
  3. Humphrey and Howe haven't competed in the Olympics yet and Lee Kemp never competed in them because the U.S. boycotted the 1980 Moscow games.
  4. My view is first that Folkstyle was created in the U.S., Greco-Roman and Freestyle have been around long before Folkstyle. I personally focused on Greco-Roman my last two years of high school and did not put my focus on Folkstyle because to me an Olympic Gold medal is the pinnacle of our sport, but that is just me. 1) For those of you who say you should focus only on folkstyle and need to be focused on your shots only, does freestyle not teach you to finish shots crisply? You can't always just "funk" your way out of a bad situation in freestyle like you can in folkstyle so you have to finish and finish sharp. Plus with Greco it teaches you hand fighting and hand control better than the other 2 styles and of course throws as well which is important in folkstyle as well. 2) I personally hate seeing what the mindset of folkstyle all year has done to the number of freestyle and Greco-Roman tournaments in Indiana. I remember when there used to be close to 100 kids at a greco tournament on a friday night and 300+ kids at a freestyle tournament on a saturday and it is nowhere near that anymore. 3) I also think when you talk about life after wrestling and college opportunities does freestyle and Greco at Fargo not open those opportunities up as well. I can remember seeing a ton of college coaches there when I wrestled at Fargo scouting and recruiting. I'm not saying Folkstyle isn't important but to me Freestyle and Greco are every bit as important for making a wrestler successful.
  5. And that's why we struggle to get medals at Worlds and the Olympics.
  6. Is anyone else going to be there this weekend?
  7. He's been doing fine up here with us this semester up here.
  8. From what I have heard the indiana officials have given Boots several gifts in the form of points in some of his matches against Sandwith this year.
  9. how did Princetons 112 do first round?
  10. the Rulons. They are the best shoes in my opinion for traction in par terre!!
  11. A lot of times headgear can be used against you. Plus its just a nuisance.
  12. 6... but i had a bye the first round and beat the Nicaraguan in the semis then lost to the Venezualan in the finals. Not really impressive going 1-1 but i was glad to finally get that first win out of the country.
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