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  1. Southern Wells
  2. I would like to see the 120lb match up between Brooks (Wabash) and Morrisett (Eastern)...should be a good one
  3. Southern Wells
  4. I actually liked the 2 day format as well but would suggest wrestling one more round on Saturday so that we are down to top 8 on Sunday. That would be alot of wrestling for a one day tournament! Thought it was well ran and the Southport fieldhouse was a pretty cool atmosphere for the guys to wrestle in! Some great wrestling yesterday and hope to see this tournament to continue to grow in the future!
  5. There goes that Currie guy using common sense and rational again!! Adams Central and Avon are both great wrestling programs but not at the same level. Pretty unfair to compare the 2 schools.
  6. One of my favorites that wasn't under the lights were...113lbs. Garcia vs Viduya Great match between to young studs!!
  7. Would love to see blind draw for all tournaments through the season including the state series!
  8. Ft. Wayne was well attended!! 280 wrestlers. We finished wrestling at 9 o'clock and their were still weight classes wrestling! Think it is a cool opportunity for the freshman and sophomore to get another crack at qualifying for a state tournament! Maybe some more mats next year??
  9. Prayers for both from the Southern Wells Wrestling team! Praying for full recovery and for the will power to overcome obstacles.
  10. He had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. Only wrestled a handful of matches early in the season. Tough kid and I'm sure he will back next year looking to make some noise in the state tournament.
  11. You guys do a great job! Thanks for covering all the area schools.
  12. Really...Daleville has wrestling transfers now?? That's interesting;)
  13. Anyone know what happen with Max Harris from Union city? Pretty tough kid not in the bracket!
  14. Got to start off by saying thanks for the most entertaining match of the tournament being the last match of the day! Hare from Jay County and Schoeneman from Adams Central put on a great show! With Hare getting the win it was truly a David vs. Goliath match! The other final matches were pretty controlled by the champions. At 113 Mosser from AC came out and scored some early nearfall on Miller from SA but Miller was able to come back and get the fall win! He has looked pretty tough the last 2 weekends!
  15. What teams are a part of this conference? Any brackets?
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