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  1. I agree, people are now underestimating Neal. Blanton had a good day, and Molloy just wasnt in it that match. Neal should for sure win it next year. He is a man on a mission.
  2. The funniest thing i have heard today ;D
  3. at hwt I would take Chico, first off because hes got a sweet name, and he is just one of those people that left an impression on you when you saw him wrestle
  4. Hahahaha! I wish my gf did that lol, she still laughs at me when I freak out during matches
  5. Yorktowns Pinstripe singlets, Yorktown always has fun singlets
  6. Wow, I never would have even thought that he would go out like that.. Even if he truly did not win, props to the Greencastle kid for hanging in there with him
  7. Was this in the first round or ticket round?
  8. Thanks man, that changes my view lol Im gonna take Micic 7-4 Boston will just get way to cocky, he is already overlooking everybody I personally think DJ Smith will take him on a run for his money on Friday Night
  9. I havent seen the kid wrestle this year, do you by chance remember there match score last year at state? I remember that Micic took him on a run and put him on his back, he just couldnt pull through... ???
  10. 120...Its a pretty tough weight.....So who do you guys got? This is what I have.. Mason Todd, Brendan Campbell, Paul Petrov, Luke Welch, Bobby Keuneke, Andrice Martin, Brock Bevans, Erique Early
  11. 106: Stevan Micic 113: Jared Brooks 120: Mason Todd 126: Kyle Ayersman 132: Neal Molloy 138: Devon Jackson 145: Jason Tsirtsis 152: Connor Mullins 160: Bobby Stevenson 170: Sean Mappes 182: Matt Hurford 195: Kourtney Berry 220: Joe Gallegos 285: Kaden Suter
  12. I'm taking Mappes, I have seen him absolutely destroy Bowman twice, he is going to win state and Willis will get third
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