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  1. Mustang Fan

    Avon Wrestler at IU......

    In my opinion thats where the High School coach comes into play. He needs to provide that kind of information to prospective schools that his wrestler may be looking at. I know a wrestler that ran into the same opponent at semi-state junior and senior year, that oppent was runner up and champion those years, sometimes the draw and where you are put in the semi-state brackets makes a lot of difference. Edwardsville is a good school so he should be proud and sounds like he is already proving himself.
  2. Mustang Fan

    "I have no dog in this fight."

    My dogs will just stay on the porch with me..so we can watch the fight.
  3. Mustang Fan

    Timothy Dunkel to state

    I think this is great, Go get'em Tim. I know of one person that will be cheering for you at Conseco..
  4. Mustang Fan

    Record for fewest (Most Negative) Cool Points

    I gave ya a wahoo just for asking a question like that with that many negs... go for the record bro.
  5. Mustang Fan

    Evansville Updates?

    Thank you!!
  6. Mustang Fan

    Toughest Walmart

    Couldn't tell ya, I never go there....
  7. Mustang Fan

    Evansville Updates?

    It is quit the accomplishment to make it to Semistate and if you go further it 's the ultimate goal that all wrestlers strive for. From the first time they put on the head gear it is every wrestlers dream to go to Conseco. For those that do not advance to state, take pride in making it to Semistate because there are far more that do not make it that far. Beyond all of the where did I place or how far did I go in the tournament or who made it instead of me. Think back on what you have overcome and how this sport has affected your life and what you have learned about yourself. Years down the road the ribbons, the medals the big poster board with the bracket on them will only be a memory, the glory will have fadded, no one will know your name. But the leasons you have learned will remain. Life is just as tough if not tougher than wrestling, you can go to college and have the best grade point average be top of your class, get a great job and then the company down sizes and your job that you trained for is gone. But you the wrestler have learned to overcome or accept these setbacks and know you can overcome them as you have done it before by working hard to overcome your next opponent. Never give up the dedication that you have given this sport. Instead use this drive and dedication to drive your life. Years down the road you will realize what wrestling has done for you and maybe just maybe you will have the chance to give something back, maybe your son or daughter or through coaching. But one day you will know that you made it to where you are because of your decision to be a Wrestler.
  8. Mustang Fan

    Semi-State Bracket Links

    Guess Not..
  9. Mustang Fan

    Need an example to give my son

    Well my son is in the same situation, if he gets through first round Raley will be waiting for him the second year in a row..
  10. 103: Jacob Boomsma, South, p. Lane Luh, Jennings County, 1:25; Seth Clawson, Edgewood, d. Justin Wright Scottsburg, 18-2; Boomsma, South, p. Joseph Gilham, Sullivan, 4:13; Cory O?Neal, Southwestern, d. Clawson, E, 6-2; Clawson, Edgewood, d. Gilham, Sullivan, 16-0 (3rd); Boomsma, South, d. O?Neal, Southwestern, 9-1 (final). 112: Tyler Bryant, Edgewood, p. Levi Hill, Seymour, 1:44; Austin Ely, Brown County, d. Caleb Nicosin, Northview, 10-2; Mitchell Gilbert, Columbus East, d. Sam Summitt, North, 7-5; Luke Schroeder, Southwestern, d. Zach Runyon, South, 4-0; Gilbert, Columbus East, d. Bryant, Edgewood, 5-4; Schroeder, Southwestern, p. Ely, Brown County, 1:32; Bryant, Edgewood, d. Ely, Brown County, 3-1 (3rd); Schroeder, Southwestern, d. Gilbert, Columbus East, 6-0 (final). 119: Devin Broukal, Owen Valley, won by forfeit; Dakota Case, Terre Haute South, d. Broukal, Owen Valley, 7-5; Ezequiel Gomez, Columbus North, d. Broukal, Owen Valley, 6-4 (3rd); Robby Taylor, Madison, d. Case, Terre Haute South, 9-6 (final). 125: Aaron Bullock, Brown County, d. William Newforth, Owen Valley, 16-2; Baron Riecker, Columbus East, p. Dylan Crusenberry, Edgewood, 1:36; Joey Resch, Jennings County, d. Bullock, Brown County, 5-1; Michael Humphrey, Southwestern, d. Bullock, Brown County, 7-1 (3rd); Rieker, Columbus East, d. Resch, Jennnings County, 8-0 (final). 130: Gage Kelly, Scottsburg, p. Jordan Castillo, South, 3:26; Zach Rieker, Columbus East, p. Dalton Kemp, Owen Valley, 3:43; Rieker, Columbus East, d. Kelly, Scottsburg, 5-4 (final). 135: A.J. Kerr, Edgewood, d. Benji Lloyd, Seymour, 8-3; Jordan Partee, Madison, d. Seth Seitzinger, South, 9-7; Steven Rieker, Columbus East, p. Robert Stewart, Owen Valley, 3:11; Kerr, Edgewood, d. Jordan Gast, Jennings County, 6-3; Rieker, Columbus East, d. Kerr, Edgewood, 13-5 (final). 140: Spencer Boyd, South, d. Draden Box, Jennings County, 14-0; Tim Shuler, Columbus East, d. Jack Petry, Owen Valley, 10-3; Boyd, South, d. Shuler, Columbus East, 4-2; Phelan Montgomery, Terre Haute South, d. Boyd, South, 7-3 (final). 145: Ben Farmer, South, d. Brandon Baughn, Bedford North Lawrence, 16-2; Quincy Richey, Brown County, p. Ryan Cowden, Edgewood, 2:51; Farmer, South, p. Justin Aimers, Columbus North, 3:01; Richey, Brown County, p. Jedidiah Cox, Sullivan, 1:31; Richey, Brown County, d. Farmer, South, 6-1 (final). 152: Sam Horrocks, South d. Eli Lauderbaugh, Southwestern, 8-2; Zach Adams, Madison, d. Horrocks, South, 6-4, ot; Horrocks, South, d. Caleb Ogle, Columbus East, 11-4 (3rd); Tsali Lought, Terre Haute South, d. Adams, Madison, 13-7 (final). 160: Clayton Fiddler, South, p. Ethan Weber, Madison, 5:59; Gabe Holt, Columbus North, d. Evan White, Owen Valley, 6-0; Fiddler, South, d. Larry Shaffer, Northview, 4-2; Holt, Columbus North, d. Fiddler, South, 4-1 (final). 171: Jeff Spicer, Edgewood, p. Stephen Fleming, Seymour, 2:56; Joey Todd, South, d. Ashton Brierly, Columbus East, 5-1; Todd, South, d. Spicer, Edgewood, 6-3; Spicer, Edgewood, d. Corey Bland, Columbus North, 2-1 (3rd); Brock Wathen, Jennings County, d. Todd, South, 6-4 (final). 189: Garret Goldman, North, d. Eli Teague, Columbus North, 12-1; Colton Bridges, South, d. Tyler Morrison, Jennings County, 2-0; Brandon Pleake, Northview, d. Toby Kirts, Brown County, 19-2; Goldman, North, p. Pleake, Nv, 1:26; Bridges, South, d. J.J. Huddleston, Columbus East, 8-7, 3 ot; Goldman, North, d. Bridges, South, 11-0 (final). 215: Dalton Young, Madison, p. Colton Dixon, South, 0:49; Iyan Bass, Jennings County, d. Mike Hill, Owen Valley, 16-4; David Knight, Terre Haute North, d. Bass, Jennings County, 4-3 (final). 285: Marty Scales, Southwestern, p. Brad Settle, Edgewood, 0:22; Mark Collett, Jennings County, d. Thomas Emmitt, Columbus East, 8-0 (final).
  11. Mustang Fan

    Evansville Semi State

    135, Looks like if Kerr makes it through first round this will be two years in a row he has got Raley in the ticket round.. Tough Luck..
  12. Mustang Fan

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    135 Kerr, Edgewood lost in Regional Finals.
  13. Mustang Fan

    Bloomington South Regional

    Hopefully Kerr can step it up a notch this week, he missed 2 1/2 weeks of practice with a broken hand, so I thought a pin and 14-0 and a come from behind and win in overtime wasn't to bad. Will be a really good match if he and Rieker make it to finals.
  14. Mustang Fan

    Jennings County Sectional

    Anyone know the Rieker vs Gast score ?
  15. NORTHVIEW SECTIONAL Bloomington South 270 | Terre Haute North 135 Northview 192 | West Vigo 99 Terre Haute South 174 | Sullivan 89 Edgewood 157 | Bloomington North 78 1/2 Owen Valley 144 | 103: Jacob Boomsma, BS, d. Cody Major, OV, by default; Royce Lowe, THN, d. Brendan Pratt, BN, 5-3; Seth Clawson, Edg, p. Joseph Gilham, Sul, 0:43; Pratt, BN, p. Major, OV, 1:55. Boomsma, BS, p. Lowe, THN, 0:24; Gilham, Sul, p. Pratt, BN,3:56; Pratt, BN, d. Uppal, THS, 16-2 (5th); Boomsma, BS, p. Clawson, Edg, 0:21 (final). 112: Zack Runyon, BS, p. Ben Myers, OV, 0:55; Tyler Bryant, Edg, d. Nathaniel Arguello, THS, 5-4; Sam Summitt, BN, p. Archer, WV, 4:59; Caleb Nicosin, Nv, p. Summitt, BN, 1:45; Bryant, Edg, d. Runyon, BS, 2-0; Arguello, THS, d. Myers, OB, 12-9; Summitt, BN, d. Arguello, THS, 9-4; Runyon, BS, d. Eila, THN, 7-0; Summitt, BN, d. Runyon, BS, 4-3 (3rd); Bryant, Edg, d. Nicosin, Nv, 1-0 (final). 119: Devin Broukal, OV, p. Josh Dadson, THN, 1:37; Nathaniel Sullivan, Sul, d. Ross Abram, BS; Skylar Hall, Nv, p. Jackson Snyder, Edg, 1:30; Dakovertimea Case, THS, p. Jeremy Arthur, BN, 0:55; Abram, BS, d. Dadson, THN, 10-2; Snyder, Edg, d. Arthur, BN, 7-2; Case, THS, d. Abram, BS, 5-2; Sullivan, Sul, d. Snyder, Edg, 4-2; Snyder, Edg, d. Abram, BS, 4-2 (5th); Broukal, OV, p. Hall, Nv, 3:59 (final). 125: Dru Spires, BS, p. Trey Boor, Nv, 4:39; Dylan Crusenberry, Edg, p. Eric Elia, THN, 1:09; William Newforth, OV, p. Levi Robinson, BN, 1:03; Elia, THN, p. Robinson, BN, 1:30; Spires, BS, d. Renner Winston, THS, 4-1; Newforth, OV, d. Crusenberry, Edg, 21-6; Crusenberry, Edg, p. Boor, Nv, 1:59; Elia, THN, p. Crusenberry, Edg, 3:28 (3rd); Spires, BS, p. Newforth, OV, 4:49 (final). 130: Jordan Castillo, BS, p. Dalton Kemp, OV, 2:34; Colt Thompson, Sul, d. Cody Cowden, Edg, 4-2; Kemp, OV, p. Herrington, WV, 0:41; Helms, THS, d. Cowden, Edg, 8-7; Austin Bell, Nv, d. Castillo, BS, 7-5; Kemp, OV,d. Alexander, THN, 17-9; Castillo, BS, d. Helms, THS, 10-1; Castillo, BS, d. Kemp by default (3rd); Bell, Nv, d. Thompson, Sul, 5-3 (final). 135: A.J. Kerr, Edg, p. Darrick Mitchell, Nv, 0:51; Robert Stewart, OV, p. Brandon Longfellow, THN, 1:30; Seth Seitzinger, BS, p. Books Dewees, BN, 1:18; Kerr, Edg, p. David Padan, THS, 14-0; Seitzinger, BS, d. Stewart, OV, 5-2; Longfellow, THN, p. Dewees, 2:29; Stewart, OV, p. Creasey, WV, 4:37; Padan, THS, d. Stewart, 14-9 (3rd); Kerr, Edg, d. Seitzinger, BS, 7-5, overtime (final). 140: P.J. Montgomery, THS, p. Nick Raventos, Edg, 1:00; Jack Petry, OV, p. Riley Witvoet, Sul, 3:30; Spencer Boyd, BS, d. Petry, OV, 4-0; Girton, Nv, p. Raventos, Edg, 0:59; Petry, OV, d. Girton, Nv, 3-2; Page, THN, d. Petry, OV, 2-1, overtime (3rd); Montgomery, THS, d. Boyd, BS, 4-3, 2 overtimes (final). 145: Ryan Cowden, Edg, d. Daniel Newforth, OV, 10 -4; Nathaniel Page, THN, p. Carl Factora, BN, 2:00; Ben Farmer, BS, p. Cowden, Edg, 2:17; Newforth, OV, p. Mishler, Nv, 2:35; Deerwester, THS, p. Factora, BN, 4:52; Cox, Sul, p. Newforth, OV, 0:51; Deerwester, THS, p. Cowden, Edg, 4:45; Cowden, Edg, p. Newforth, OV,3:52 (5th); Farmer, BS, d. Page, THN, 6-2 (final). 152: Sam Horrocks, BS, d. Dillon Knapp, OV, by forfeit; Brody Girton, Nv, p. Dominique Davis, BN, 2:28; Horrocks, BS, p. Girton, Nv, 0:47; Query, THN, p. Davis, BN,3:37; Davis, BN, p. Sullivan, Sul, 2:40 (5th); Tsali Lough, THS, d. Horrocks, BS, 3-1 (final). 160: Clayton Fiddler, BS, p. Chris Rourke, THN, 2:20; Conner McMasters, BN, d. Damien Chambers, Edg, 1-0; Ryan Roach, WV, p. McMasters, BN, 2:43; Fiddler, BS, d. Larry Shaffer, Nv, 3-2; Chambers, Edg, d. Goins, THS, 8-0; Shaffer, Nv, d. Chambers, Edg, 15-0; Whhite, OV, d. McMasters, BN, 5-4; Shaffer, Nv, d. White, OV, inj. def. (3rd); Chambers, Edg, McMasters, BN, 3-0 (5th); Fiddler, BS, d. Roach, WV, 13-5 (final). 171: Branson Gilliland, BN, p. Joseph Hughes, THN, 1:10; Joey Todd, BS, d. Ethan Yates, OV, 10-0; Jeff Spicer, Edg, p. Gilliland, BN, 1:15; Benjamin Bird, WV, d. Todd, BS, 4-2; Duregger, Nv, d. Gilliland, BN, 17-0; Yates, OV, p. Sartor, Sul, 0:52; Spicer, Edg, d. Samuel Cook, THS, 10-5; Todd, BS, p. Duregger, Nv, 2:30; Cook, THS, d. Yates, OV, 15-0; Todd, BS, d. Cook, THS, 3-2 (3rd); Duregger, Nv, d. Yates, OV, 16-6 (5th); Spicer, Edg, d. Bird, WV, 3-1 (final). 189: Garret Goldman, BN, p. Ben Patton, Edg, 0:43; Brandon Pleake, Nv, p. Chase Behrman, OV, 1:12; Colton Bridges, BS, d. Enreque Brown, THS, 1-0; Goldman, BN, d. Pleake, Nv, 5-0; Bridges, BS, d. Blake Ray, WV, 4-3; Behrman, OV, p. Patton, Edg, 4:28; ray, WV, p. Behrman, OV, 2:45; Hathaway, Sul, d. Behrman, OV, by forfeit (5th); Goldman, BN, p. Bridges, BS, 1:15 (final). 215: Colton Dixon, BS, d. Mike Hill, OV, 5-2; David Knight, p. Dixon, BS, 3:21; Hill, OV,p. Montgomery, WV, 2:45; Dixon, BS, p. Bennett, THS, 0:50; Dixon, BS, p. Hill, OV, 3:17 (3rd); David Knight, THN, d. Aaron See, Nv, 8-5 (final). 285: Ghassan Dajani, BS, d. Corbin Knapp, OV, 7-4; Brad Settle, Edg, p. Ethan Eddington, THN, 1:19; Settle, Edg, d. Dajani, BS, 2-0.; Knapp, OV, p. Eddington, THN, 0:59; Blakely, THS, p. Dajani, 2:17; Brownfield, WV, d. Knapp, OV, by forfeit; Dajani, BS, d. Knapp, OV, by default (5th); Beau Judd, Nv, p. Settle, Edg, 0:47 (final).

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