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  1. Mustang Fan

    Avon Wrestler at IU......

    In my opinion thats where the High School coach comes into play. He needs to provide that kind of information to prospective schools that his wrestler may be looking at. I know a wrestler that ran into the same opponent at semi-state junior and senior year, that oppent was runner up and champion those years, sometimes the draw and where you are put in the semi-state brackets makes a lot of difference. Edwardsville is a good school so he should be proud and sounds like he is already proving himself.
  2. Mustang Fan

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    135 Kerr, Edgewood lost in Regional Finals.
  3. Mustang Fan

    Jennings County Sectional

    Anyone know the Rieker vs Gast score ?
  4. Mustang Fan

    State champion with most losses?

    I don't remember his record but you can ask him, he is still an official. We see him at several of our matches.
  5. Mustang Fan

    Edgewood @ Bloomington South

    SOUTH 55, EDGEWOOD 9 103: Jacob Boomsma, S, won by forfeit 112: Tyler Bryant, E, d. Zack Runyon, 7-4 119: Ross Abram, S, d. Jackson Snyder, 4-3 125: Dru Spires, S, p. Dylan Crusenberry, 4:50 130: Jordan Castillo, S, d. Cody Cowden, 6-1 135: Seth Seitzinger, S, md. Evan Edwards, 15-2 140: Spencer Boyd, S, p. Nick Raventos, 1:03 145: Ben Farmer, S, p. Ryan Cowden, 2:24 152: Sam Horrocks, S, won by forfeit 160: Clayton Fiddler, S, won by forfeit 171: Jeff Spicer, E, d. Joseph Todd, 14-13 189: Colton Bridges, S, d. Dalton, 6-0 215: Colton Dixon, S, won by forfeit 285: Brad Settle, E, d. Ghassan Dajani, 5-1
  6. Mustang Fan

    Will someone post the seeds for the WIC

    Kerr is out until sectional due to an injury in practice a week ago, should be 100% come sectional. Didn't want to take a chance on coming back to early.
  7. Mustang Fan

    Will someone post the seeds for the WIC

    WIC is a tough conference to get any attenion in, but it's what happens on the mat that counts anyway. Kerr from Edgewood is 28-0 only taken down once, but it's the quality of wins that count more than quantity to get attention. I will see if I can get the info on seatings this afternoon and try to post this evening.
  8. What duties does this representative perform?
  9. Mustang Fan

    Will someone post the seeds for the WIC

    Thats true, seems like WIC and the Northview Sectional brackets are some of the last to be posted..Just part of it I guess.
  10. Mustang Fan

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    Rankingsguy can only go by the input or information that he gets, He probably has no input on this wrestler.
  11. Mustang Fan

    Will someone post the seeds for the WIC

    I agree, this conference does have some sleepers with possible potential. I know atleast one or two from Edgewood.
  12. Mustang Fan

    Will someone post the seeds for the WIC

    Not to many on here seem to post much about WIC, but lets hope..
  13. Mustang Fan

    sectional seedings

    I think they are next Monday evening..
  14. SOUTH 59, TERRE HAUTE NORTH 12 103: Jacob Boomsma, S, tf. J.J. Low, 17-0 112: Zack Runyon, S, d. Mark Elia, 6-2 119: Ross Abram, S, p. Garrett John, :48 125: Dru Spires, S, d. Eric Elia, 3-0 130: Adrian Alexander, T, p. Bryce Vandivier, 3:37 135: Seth Seitzinger, S, p. Brenden Longfellow, 2:53 140: Spencer Boyd, S, d. Jedd Page, 3-0 145: Ben Farmer, S, p. Nate Page, 2:38 152: Sam Horrocks, S, d. Dustin Query, 15-2 160: Clayton Fiddler, tf. Chris Rourke, 17-1 171: Joey Todd, S, won by forfeit 189: Colton Bridges, S, won by forfeit 215: David Knight, T, p. Colton Dixon, 3:44 285: Gus Dajani, S, p. Ethan Edington, 1:54
  15. Mustang Fan

    Edgewood @ Brown County

    BROWN COUNTY 38, EDGEWOOD 33 103: Seth Clawson, E, won by forfeit 112: Tyler Bryant, E, d. Austin Ely, 6-0 119: Jackson Snyder, E, p. Cody Leeper, 2:31 125: Aaron Bullock, BC, d. Dylan Crusenberry, 8-6, overtime 130: Cody Cowden, E, p. Turner Voland, 3:21 135: Jeremiah Ward, BC, d. Blake Edwards, 5-4 140: Alex Morrison, BC, tf. Nick Raventos, 16-0 145: Quincy Richey, BC, p. Ryan Cowden, 3:48 152: Jacob Ruckle, BC, p. Mike Houghton, 1:17 160: Damian Chambers, E, p. Eric Dowell, :28 171: Jeff Spicer, E, won by forfeit 189: Toby Kirts, BC, p. Ben Patton, :58 215: Brett Cline, BC, won by forfeit 285: Chadd Low, BC, d. Brad Settle, 4-2

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