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  1. In my opinion thats where the High School coach comes into play. He needs to provide that kind of information to prospective schools that his wrestler may be looking at. I know a wrestler that ran into the same opponent at semi-state junior and senior year, that oppent was runner up and champion those years, sometimes the draw and where you are put in the semi-state brackets makes a lot of difference. Edwardsville is a good school so he should be proud and sounds like he is already proving himself.
  2. Owen Valley signed off on Broukal, shame the same didn't happen for Schaffer.
  3. Didn't say great assistants just good, Never Knew OV to ever have anyone Great in a wrestling coaching position. one is from former staff and the other I can't recall his name but I think he may have wrestled a Bloomington South a few years back. Not sure enough on facts to be any more specific, sorry. The new coach is a long time friend of mine. So is Schaffer ineligable for the entire season?? to bad for him.
  4. First year coach for wrestling, coached jr high football to a undefeated season, not sure enough to have any input on Broukal, May be first year coach but he has lots seveal good assistants. They also aquired a good wrestler from Northview, small team but atleast they are trying to keep the program alive.
  5. Clawson 106 from Edgewood is at 113 Broukal 120 is now going to Bloomington South and is at 126 for now Schaffer 160 is now going to Owen Valley not Northview and for now is at 170
  6. If they don't wrestle for an honest reason then why make it a big deal and who cares who knows as long as it's legitimate, It's keeping secrets that leads to speculation.. Just my two cents..
  7. I highly recommend this club, my son got so much out of this club last year and he loved it.. If you live anywhere near it you should attend..
  8. My dogs will just stay on the porch with me..so we can watch the fight.
  9. I think this is great, Go get'em Tim. I know of one person that will be cheering for you at Conseco..
  10. I gave ya a wahoo just for asking a question like that with that many negs... go for the record bro.
  11. Couldn't tell ya, I never go there....
  12. It is quit the accomplishment to make it to Semistate and if you go further it 's the ultimate goal that all wrestlers strive for. From the first time they put on the head gear it is every wrestlers dream to go to Conseco. For those that do not advance to state, take pride in making it to Semistate because there are far more that do not make it that far. Beyond all of the where did I place or how far did I go in the tournament or who made it instead of me. Think back on what you have overcome and how this sport has affected your life and what you have learned about yourself. Years down the road the ribbons, the medals the big poster board with the bracket on them will only be a memory, the glory will have fadded, no one will know your name. But the leasons you have learned will remain. Life is just as tough if not tougher than wrestling, you can go to college and have the best grade point average be top of your class, get a great job and then the company down sizes and your job that you trained for is gone. But you the wrestler have learned to overcome or accept these setbacks and know you can overcome them as you have done it before by working hard to overcome your next opponent. Never give up the dedication that you have given this sport. Instead use this drive and dedication to drive your life. Years down the road you will realize what wrestling has done for you and maybe just maybe you will have the chance to give something back, maybe your son or daughter or through coaching. But one day you will know that you made it to where you are because of your decision to be a Wrestler.
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