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  1. Never said he was lying about what happened. I am saying if he missed weight on the scale because of a malfunction why didnt other kids.
  2. Sorry to hear you missed weight Spencer. Did anyone else miss weight on that scale? If everyone else could make weight on the tampered scale then you probably should have also. This time of year no room for exceuses. Hopefully you can make weight for Wed. night at team regionals.
  3. Drew Mills (Center Grove) competing for Contenders Wrestling Academy, won Tulsa Nationals by pinning his opponent in the finals and not giving up a single point the entire tournament. Drew is ranked #1 at 6 under in the 70 lb wt. class and was seeded 1st going into the tournament. Drew also won the Tulsa Kickoff Classic in November where he pinned all of his opponents and also went unscored on. Great Job Drew!
  4. I would put Center Grove's School of Strength training up against any other schools or program including Panko. Marty Mills and his coaches know how to train kids to reach their full potential. School of Strength in Action!
  5. I made the post yesterday about strength training programs that wrestlers are using and it was removed because someone put a link to a website promoting a business. In no way am I trying to promote a particular business I am simply trying to start a discussion. It sounds like Panko has a good system going. Are there any high school strength programs that use the same techniques such as kettlebells, tires, sleds, etc?
  6. This will make it interesting for the semi-state. I think this helps Bowman, we've been working are butts off all year long to get this done and this helps our chances even more.
  7. I would not start a rumor to simply start one. I heard that Welch was hurt from a source that is down in E-Ville. I would hate to see something happen to such a good kid who has worked so hard and has such a bright future at Purdue. If this is true it would make things interesting at 152.
  8. Rumor has it that Doug Welch did some damage to his knee this week. Any truth to this?
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