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  1. Also, I think some of these 'big high-risk' moves are getting more popular as a direct result of society. Wrestling is not immune. Folks want all the glory without doing the work. And they want to have a built-in excuse if they lose. Using big high-risk moves serves both purposes. Kids want big pins, big points, big victories, glamour, attention, etc. They want it immediately and it's way more cool to pull these flashy moves in a match than to hit a sprawl, cross face, and battle someone to a 3-2 victory you can win 10 out of 10 times. Also, if you lose, you can say - 'hey, I was a far superior wrestler, I just got caught.' Again, not particularly about this match at all. I'm speaking in general about high-risk moves gaining popularity. They do have their place, and they can be done correctly and effectively. It can also help someone win a match that is far inferior to a better wrestler,. But, if you are the better wrestler, I would say it's advisable to wrestler mistake-free, low-risk, and hit the technique you have practiced. (How many times at practice have you practice sprawling ? How many times in practice do you practice Spladles? - If you equally practice both then go ahead, but if you're looking to hit moves you haven't practiced in place of solid technique you are taking a significant risk and over time that probability of success isn't in your favor.) I'm with ya maligned.
  2. Mustang is correct. Kids use this as a lazy way out instead of a proper defense. It's like a basketball team not playing defense and shooting 3-pointers all game. Sure, you might win, but as an effective long term strategy it's garbage. As a move, it certainly does have it's place if applied properly. However, it is extremely high risk, so if you don't need the high-reward result, it's not worth the risk. If you're losing and there's 30 seconds left, or your team needs a 6 - then sure. But if you are in the state tournament and winning the match, probably not worth the risk. (Didn't see this match in particular though) Maligned - You are probably correct that that match may have brought that move to a greater audience, but it was certainly around prior to that. I have old University Technique Books from early the early 80's breaking this move down step-by-step, although it often uses a different nomenclature.
  3. Well, there are plenty of ways. Perhaps you should read a book, attend a camp, or watch all the fine wrestling that the BTN has to offer. Here is one small example of how one might get 'caught' in a cradle:
  4. By the way. For those suggesting that we just move on from the Olympics, cough-fabio-cough, here is the mission statement from USA Wrestling. USA Wrestling, guided by the Olympic Spirit, provides quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full human and athletic potential.
  5. You need 100,000 signatures to get an official response. If nothing else it may help with a little publicity. Someone started this yesterday and it has 20,000 already. I figure if Obama can't create any jobs, maybe he an at least save wrestling.
  6. I think he just misspelled 'week' and is trying to play it off. He must have gone to school with Fabio. Anway if we are posting random words I'll submit: Seafaring.
  7. Y2 Agreement – Recovery Groups. A Brighter Future. Agreeing with Y2 and depression are certainly the terrible twosome. They occur together about two-thirds of the time and almost 60% of our poll respondents said the same. The research on depression and Y2 agreement tells us that Y2 agreement causes depression and that depression causes Y2 agreement. Both of these make sense from an experiential point of view. When we get stressed out many people respond by slowing down. When we get depressed we often agree with Y2.
  8. FILA should have made more noise - and let the wrestling community know this may be a possibility. The publicity and public outcry may have helped prevent this rather than everyone trying to save a sinking ship on its way down. I have to agree with Andy F. The rules changes killed freestyle and greco, but the reason for many of these changes appeared to be, again, American dominance. If you'll notice every time the Americans began to succeed, the rules were changed to suit Europeans. "lets hope budweiser heads prevail" I'm making the signature on my work emails.
  9. “Some of the comments on here by anonymous people claiming what he does and doesnt deserve is probably the greatest thing I have ever read “ Further proof of the continuing decline of the American education system. For your own personal growth I might recommend: Charles Dickens, Dante Alighieri, Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, Geoffrey Chaucer, Dostoevsky, or Tolstoy
  10. As much as it pains me, I have to agree with Y2. What do you mean Nick? Why can’t the worlds be the pinnacle? Well, because it’s not the Olympics. Joe nailed that post about the ISWA. I don’t really understand your solution. Are you suggesting every time we have a battle we just move on. Oh, we are out of the Olympics, let’s just focus on the worlds then. I guess when Arizona State was dropping the wrestling program your solution was just to concentrate on the other colleges ?
  11. Merrillville Semi-State is advancing 9 wrestlers with 10+ losses to the state tournament. Is this a sign that Merrillville is not as advertised ?
  12. You left off the button for "NO ONE CARES."
  13. The 160 weight class has a total of 91 losses between the wrestlers in this bracket. 182 has 90. (The Average # of losses this year per weight class is 73) Is this a sign of a weak weight class, considering there are a few very good individuals?
  14. I really don’t think too many people are attacking the kid. I think they are pretty much attacking the situation or event that occurred. It sounds like most people are putting this on his coach not a young kid in the heat of the moment in one of the most important matches in his life. Obviously you can’t reward someone for injuring a wrestler with a blatant illegal move (not that this occurred here.) However, there does need to be a rule that if you are too injured to continue, you can accept the win but you must injury default the remainder of your matches. I agree it sucks for the young man who’s career is over, but getting lost in this argument is that he did something illegal (as judged by the referee.) That’s not on the kid, or the coach. It’s just a judgment call, and we all know referee’s are not perfect, and this is certainly not the first time someone may have missed a judgment call.
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