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  1. groundhog

    Former Wrestler Steve Siokos....

    Funeral Services posted .... http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nwitimes/obituary.aspx?n=steven-j-siokos&pid=140588081 Funeral services will be held Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. at St. Mary Catholic Church, 525 N. Broad Street, Griffith, IN Friends may meet with the family on Friday, March 12, 2010 from 2:00-8:00 p.m. at the White Funeral Home, 921 W. 45th Ave., Griffith, IN.
  2. groundhog

    Braggin Rights

    Totally agree with you Joker. OW should have gone to the 215 from Illinois - that was a great match. Napules (over OBoyle) would be my 2nd choice.
  3. groundhog

    Boiler Elite Callout March 2nd

    typo on the link .... http://boilerelite.com
  4. groundhog

    Elkins in the UFC

    Figures you'd be into that ....
  5. groundhog

    Braggin Rights

    Major concern ? The 160 opponent from Illinois is 16-9 ... surely Sean's coaches are slightly over 160 (and a little tougher than a 16-9 HS kid) and Sean wrestles them in practice ?
  6. groundhog

    Expensive weekend compared with attendance

    Right on. Valpo, EC, Hammond Civic Center, Gary West Side, Michigan City, Layfayette Jeff ... any of these venues would be a HUGE improvement. As you mentioned, you can only see 2 of the 4 mats from either of the upper bleachers in the Merrillville Gym. There were ZERO seats open for Rnd1 & 2. I stood in the corner in the upper balcony next to a gentlemen in his mid 70's for the first 2 rnds. Some Merr. worker actually came over and told us we had to take a seat ... I replied we'd love to ... pls help us find one !! Then he threatened he was going to have us thrown out ! I believe the bottom line here ... is the almighty dollar. Even though the fans and sport would seriously win by moving this event to one of the venues mentioned above, Merrillville isnt about to let those dirty dollars slip out of their hands ! If I'm wrong, pls enlighten me why this event wouldn't be moved to a larger facility.
  7. groundhog

    WJOB covering Calumet Regional

    Listened to a few matches ... it was nice to hear the wrestling coverage etc ... Dolph, I know you don't have much experience ... but you have remember when you're on the air, the listeners have no idea whats going on .... so one of the announcers needs to do some play by play !! Doesn't work as well when both guys try to just be the color guys, adding in comments here and there ...... The post interviews by JED with the wrestlers afterwards were very nice .... Overall ...very nice job guys !! Thanks to Krazy Kaplan Fireworks for sponsoring I believe ?
  8. groundhog

    Best Friday night match?

    Thurman Stone (Calumet) over Dustin Davis (Martinsville) .... Davis had finished runner-up the prior year losing in OT to John Leavell in the finals.
  9. groundhog

    DAC Brackets

    Also, what time are the finals ?
  10. groundhog

    Chesterton's Quiroz welcomes a challenge

    Quiroz won the Al Smith at 160 Nice article ! Glad to see the newspapers giving wrestlers the exposure they deserve. Love the rivalries ! What time are the DAC finals Saturday ? Quiroz is an excellent counter wrestler. I've seen him wrestle about 5-6 times and even though he doesn't initiate much offense, he's great at stuffing his opponents and scoring off their offense. As far as beating McMurray, I don't see it happening. If Quiroz falls behind in the score he'll have a tough time scoring points if his opponent isn't coming after him.
  11. groundhog

    C.P. @ Merrillville

    LOL, yeah sure pinner, they were fine with their academic school systems for 9 years (K-8) but then in 9th grade (time for HS wrasslin) they became bad. Pack up da family were movin !
  12. groundhog

    C.P. @ Merrillville

    Clive .... hint: you get 6 for a pin Roach pinned, if CP doesnt have movin studs Halsted and Tsirtsis it's bonus pts for M'Ville . I guess Clive needs a calculator !
  13. groundhog

    C.P. @ Merrillville

    Well, let's just say with the well timed "movin-ins" (Halsted, Roach, Tsirtsis), CP gained a nice team. No greatness on Vlink's part. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. Without those studs, CP doesnt even get past Merrillville at Team Regionals last year. A great coach like Maldonado builds em from the ground up.
  14. groundhog

    C.P. @ Merrillville

    LOL, I'm pretty sure Vlink will be blowin a gasket tonight either way !
  15. groundhog

    Lake County Tourny ***Brackets Posted***

    I like 112 at the Lake County Ayersman (LC), Rodriguez (Highland), Medina (Munster), Orzechowicz (Griffith)

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