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  1. Wow is it really that big of a deal? A grown man pretend shooting when 12 year old kids do it on Xbox everyday.
  2. Why did Caldwell default to Grajales???
  3. Any way we can check people's brackets like last year?
  4. Collin Crume comes to mind. Mitch Hartman from SB Clay pulled an impressive 4th place as well.
  5. Neal Molloy's back flip. His profile picture is perfect for it.
  6. There was a coach in the championship match who wore a nice pair of slacks, a nice sport coat and tie with....tennis shoes
  7. 103: Boston def. Bevans 112: Phillips def. Todd 119: Ayersman def. Campbell 125: Kieffer def. McKinley 130: Barroquillo def. Harvey 135: Raley def. Jackson 140: Tsirtsis def. Montgomery 145: Roach def. Lunford 152: Welch def. Lefever 160: Levefer def. Welch 171: Stein def. Lynde 189: Sliga def. Berry 285: Meyer def. Suter
  8. Hope there will be one posted soon! This year is gonna be tough. So many epic match ups to be determined.
  9. First state qualifier for the school in 7 years, I believe. Way to go bud!
  10. I know there was one last year, will another be made for this year? Or just state? Those were fun!
  11. Sammy Ferdig (South Bend Adams) def. #11 Aurelio Medina (Munster) 6-4 OT
  12. where can we find all of the teams represented?
  13. When will these two face off so I can record it?!
  14. I know a lot of teams are wrestling at meets tomorrow, including my Alma Mater. I want to wish everyone good luck. The greatest sport has arrived. Let's have a great season this year.
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