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  1. fleegerc

    LN RTC Thur 4/8 ??

    I believe they are. Coach Glen Lanham and Fleeger, me, from Purdue well be there wrestling with the guys. Hope there is a good turnout.
  2. fleegerc

    Garrett RTC Clinician Schedule

    I'll be there with Hinkel.
  3. Boiler Elite RTC had a great turnout tonight. Over 50 kids. Here are a few that were there: Kyle Ayersman 112 state champ Brenden Cambell 112 3rd place Tyler Freeze 112 3rd place Michigan Brandon Nelsen 119 state champ Danny Sabatello 119 state champ Illinois Alex Gregory 2009 112 4th place Jason Tsirtsis 130 state champ Brock Norton 135 state champ Matt Rattay 135 7th place Tanner Lynde 152 5th place Braden Atwood 189 2nd place There were plenty of other state qualifiers and probably some other placers that I'm forgetting. But it was a great room. A lot of Purdue wrestlers were in there as well as coaches helping out. Got to see some Cashe/Tsirtsis action and plenty of others mixing it up. I know many of these guys plus more will be back every Wednesday.
  4. The Purdue RTC will be cancelled on Wednesday, March 17th. Purdue will be hosting a womens NIT game on Wednesday. The RTC will continue next week as scheduled. Please spread the word.
  5. fleegerc

    Boiler Elite Callout March 2nd

    You can come in anytime to sign up. We have all the forms there and USA cards available at practice as well. And as far as the music...well I do try to mix some Miley in as much as I can but the Christmas music stays in my car.
  6. fleegerc

    Boiler Elite Callout March 2nd

    oops...thanks groundhog. ;D
  7. The Boiler Elite High School Club starts Tuesday March 2nd at 6:00 PM. It is a great place to train with all the area state place winners training there. Come wrestle with the best kids in the area and also with many current Purdue wrestlers. More info can be found at www.boilerlelite.com.
  8. Yeah this is for ALL purdue alumni and supporters.
  9. The Purdue Wrestling coaches will be in suite 56 for the state tournament this weekend. All alumni and supporters are welcome to come up and say hi and mingle. There will be a get together with food before the finals saturday night.
  10. fleegerc

    Boiler Elite Preseason

    Yes we do allow 8th graders.
  11. fleegerc

    Boiler Elite Preseason

    We have not. Anyone interested in sponsoring please contact me at fleegerc@gmail.com. The boiler elite club is a nonprofit club and is tax deductable. It is a great way to help youth wrestlers and help support the Purdue program.
  12. fleegerc

    Boiler Elite Preseason

    The Boiler Elite Club high school callout is this coming Tuesday, September 8th at 6:00 PM. We will be holding practices every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 for the September and October. This 2 month preseason is a great way to get ready for the upcoming season. There are plenty of state ranked high school wrestlers to wrestle with not to mention many state champs from the last few years and former and current Purdue wrestlers and All Americans. This is a unique chance to get to wrestle many Indiana high school legends.
  13. fleegerc

    Purdue Golf Outing!

    Haha. Good catch. Thank you. That would be one heck of a deal wouldn't it. =)
  14. fleegerc

    Purdue Golf Outing!

    Purdue Golf Outing is coming up September 12th at the Summertree Golf Course in Crown Point. Help Purdue Wrestling reach their goals for 2010 and beyond by being part of their annual Golf extravaganza. Purdue's coaching staff continues to push the program to new heights both in the Big X and Nationally. This vision is not possible without your continued support. $100.00 per golfer includes: golf, cart, food, beverages, skins, and prizes. Contact Dave Hinkel: 219-736-1490 or adhinks@att.net

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