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  1. I believe it to be feasible for wrestling to be re-organized as a "team" sport. It seems that only a small percentage of individuals might consider participating collegiately.
  2. Checking out final placements at this year's IHSAA state tournament. Interested with 1) how many of those spots the pre-sectional Top 16 rankings occupied and 2) the average ranking of individuals for those placements. This is what I gathered. 1st - 14 - 1.86 2nd - 14 - 3.86 3rd - 14 - 4.93 4th - 13 - 6.00 5th - 14 - 6.07 6th - 13 - 8.62 7th - 11 - 7.55 8th - 11 - 8.18
  3. I recommend this establishment. https://www.igniteinstitute.org/
  4. 9th-10th graders competing against 11th-12th graders is more of an issue than the big-small school situation in my opinion.
  5. 3 rings, circa mid 90's, could get all the weight classes at one time
  6. 2 weeks for sure if went single elimination all the way
  7. I went looking at results and it appears to be rare, if ever. Probably could make this round single elimination and the folks who get to the podium are probably going to be the same.
  8. When was the last time a state placer lost in the sectional quarterfinals?
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