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  1. I know many people that do not live close to any RTC. What are some schools that still have open room once a week Indiana, what time and day? I thought Brownsburg does this still.
  2. legger


    I agree about Nick Walpole having killer cradles. If I recall right during his senior year he was going for his third state championship. A sophomore Andrew Howe beat him in the semi finals on his way to his first state championship. Andrew choose neutral in the second period in respect to Nick's cradle skills.
  3. The coach at our high school refused to allow a wrestle off when a kid couldn't make weight anymore and wanted to wrestle off for next weight above him. Although he would pin or tech fall the kid, it did not matter because the kid above him in weight was a life long program kid (although very average in talent) I guess the head coach makes final choice.
  4. Lake Porter and possibly Laporte. If the county doesn't border Lake Michigan then you are not Region. Laporte County is on the Region fringe
  5. Since the RTC's official start dates are near, I thought it would be interesting in hearing the average number of kids in any session throughout the state. While some lucky folks live in a hotbed area of wrestling with 3 to 4 RTC's in easy driving distance, many are not. Did the rise of The Wrestling Academy (wherever) take away from the local RTC or add extra opportunity to train? I think the RTC's are the backbone of what is left of Freestyle training and should be supported whenever possible. Take a look... http://www.iswa.com/rtc-schedule/
  6. Great idea. Many of these young hammers will be marching in the Parade of Champions in a few short years at high school state. Let's promote Indiana wrestling. It is the little things that make good memories.
  7. Hmm. Four Teams in the top 20 from the D.A.C. Region is pretty solid again.
  8. Allow teams to go past 300 mile travels restrictions once a year like Ohio.
  9. INDIANA'S LARGEST GYMS 1. New Castle 9,314 2. East Chicago Central 8,296 3. Seymour 8,110 4. Richmond 8,100 5. Marion 7,560 6. Elkhart 7,373 7. Michigan City 7,304 8. Gary West 7,217 9. Lafayette Jeff 7,200 10. Southport 7,124 I am pretty excited about EC Semi State. Huge fan of wrestling but for many years had to limit number of friends and family that went with me to dangerously crowded Merrillville gym. Good bye Merrillville, Hello roomy EC.
  10. Delta was a powerhouse in the mid eighties. I remember Campbell, Locke and Ginter being outstanding. There was a ton more from that era as well. Glad to see Delta coming back up.
  11. I know that most programs go through cycles of up and down periods. Especially the top tier programs seem to do more reloading since they have well established feeder programs and numbers. I think that as a whole Indiana has never been more tough than right now. Anyone see a program making a comeback who are now in the top 20 that may have been out of rankings for a while? Or a program that is up and coming that should break into top 20? My hat is off to all the coaches, wrestlers, parents and supporters for making Indiana wrestling better than ever.
  12. Throw us a bone here. At least post upsets...
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