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  1. No one is angry just clarifying things. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and obviously some people know more than other Haha okay no more posting from the busy college kid. Have a great day!
  2. Dude what are you talking about? I had at least 3 including myself nationally ranked kids in my first three years freshman year Wes donte and Eric hemmelgarn soph hemmelgarn who I beat, Wes, and Norman oglesby, and me junior year junior year me Norman and trawick. I wasn't surprised or scared to wrestle Gelen I knew it was coming and I was looking forward to the challenge. Just to clarify your post
  3. i owe everyone on this message board an apology. I looked selfish and ungrateful last night. Being frustrated is no reason to act the way I did. I apologize and appreciate the support through out my careere. Thank you
  4. I'll miss it at merrillville but EC is nice and roomy
  5. Enter through door P. Head up the stairs and the wrestling rooms to the right!
  6. Every Tues., Thurs, and Sunday Merrillville will have practice from 6-7:30! they are 100% free and are for anyone looking to get better in the region! Anyone is welcome!!!
  7. Even though it gets pretty heated at times between merrillville guys and portage guys, both teams are friends off the mat and root for each other when not competing against one another.
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