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  1. don't forget the Maldonado brothers at Merrillville High School. Very solid program for the last 15+years.
  2. It sounds like Jennings County has an official talent pool problem. If you want to solve this problem, coaches, parents encourage your x-wrestlers to officiate. The only way to get better officials is to get new one who love the sport and want to stay involved. High School officiating in any sport, is a great way to earn some extra cash and build integrity and character which will help any young person in their journey thru life.
  3. i got it straignt from the Principal at Merrillville.
  4. I was told this past week that Merrillville HS will no longer be hosting the Semi-State. It is going to be moving to Michigan City HS. For all those who hated MHS you now have your wish.
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