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  1. I would run with the Cross Country team every day, but I was not on the team. The coaches kept trying to make me join because my uncle was one of the best in school history and they saw that I could compete with some of their better runners, but I just decided it was not really worth it saying I was just doing it for wrestling shape.
  2. Who currently has the longest streak? Is it the alma mater Lake Central with five years in a row? (Ayersman three years then Robinson two years)
  3. You're sick Chubs, personally talked to Ayersman, Lynde, and Stein a couple days and they said they are excited to remain boilers and are looking forward to wrestling under the new head coach, whomever it be.
  4. Why would you put Cashe on the mat if he is not the best wrestler at that weight?
  5. Lake Central- Kyle Ayersman 1st 1st 1st 3rd Michael Escobedo 1st 1st 2nd Vince Sessa 1st 2nd 5th James Torres 1st 3rd
  6. Robinson is tougher than nails, I honestly believe Gelen can beat Sliga, and i certainly know that Gelen would not get majored by Sliga! I'm not to sure if Sliga can overcome the extra weight, that Robinson has on him. I know that if they went upper body Gelen would win that battle, along with the strength battle, and the athletic ability. Robinson is so much fun to watch he is just an amazing athlete and he's so confident in his skills.
  7. What is the point of holding kids back? When I was a freshman i weighed less than 100 pounds and every match I went out there with a mentatlity that I was the best person on the mat that day. Just wrestle your age who cares how tiny you are! Maturity shouldnt be an issue either becasue I didn't hit puberity till my sophomore year in high school. Just wrestle!
  8. i thought he beat the hazi kid from CP, and he doubled stevenson and lifted and took him straight to his back
  9. Quick question, how isn't Jeff Brasea from Lake Central ranked at 170 the kid was beating stevenson at one point and only lost by one point
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