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  1. James just doesn't have the scoring offense to hang with Wilson. Before the 3rd period you could see which wrestle had something in their tank and which didn't.
  2. Who are some of the best 4th placers from sectionals? I know Timmberman from New Pal was 4th. I believe he was a State Qualifier last season. Impressive sectional weight.
  3. Johnson is back at 138 for Perry? Also, not a chance in the world Corman beats Fulkenburg. If Faulkenburg has gotten that bad over the course of one year then semi state at NC is wide open.
  4. I find that hard to believe. I follow Marion County/City wrestling AS good as anyone. Without Max Hernandez and Noah Perdue your team has zero chance. Warren was my front runners going into the season tho. I thought D, Moss, Max, and Perdue would all be in the finals. With McKinney, Pruitt and a couple other guys maybe getting to state. Would have made state so fun if Warren was healthy.
  5. Noah Warren?!? I believe this is covered in the topic of holding kids back.
  6. Has James ever won in the 3rd period while being tied or losing? Might end up as the next Campell. Great wrestler but when it comes to the state title just will not have the gas tank.
  7. You can weigh in at any weight then lose as much as he wants. The weigh in will just not count as a qualifying weigh in. So if a wrestle has 6 qualifying weigh ins they are good. Like Mantel could have weight 128.0 and still be allowed to go 20 one day later if need be. Corsaro weighed in over 62 on Wed at Perry. Say he wanted to go to 52 this past Saturday he could have. It just would not have counted as a qualifying h weigh in
  8. Miller bumped to wrestle Bernard? How did that match go? Would love to have see Wes vs Robinson. Would have thought Gelen would have wanted the challenge. He wouldn't want to face the same fate as Miller tho. I say lets see the two best big men in the state go at it. Gelen to Hwt
  9. Word from perry is both teams will receive an extra pound wed night
  10. At North Central this passed weekend did I see Larson get DQ'd? This makes him unable to compete at the next event correct?
  11. Y2 sucks and try's to bully anyone he disagrees with on this board.
  12. Thank you IWG! Very seldom does a CHS wrestler win that award. That is why I went with Faulkenberg. But in the 80's and 90's overall there was at least a much better collective group of talent in the city.
  13. No! FC is not better then Warren. WC lineup won't be fully set until Al Smith next week.
  14. From the looks of it Warren Central is without 5 starters from their lineup not 3 from the previous result with Cathedral.
  15. Can anyone post match by match results?
  16. 106=Hildebrandt vs Bailey Dec (3-0) 113-Slates vs Turner Dec (3-3) 120- Davis vs Lewis Fall (9-3) 126-Beam vs ? Major (13-3) 132-Manspeaker vs Devine Dec (16-3) 138-Varner vs ? Fall (22-3) 145-Teague vs Harvey Major (16-7) 152-Rhinehart vs Larson Dec (19-7) 160-Mammolenti vs Carsaro Fall (19-13) 170-Osborne vs Stewart Dec (19-16) 182-Wiseman vs Rypel Dec (19-19) 195-Chaffee vs ? Dec (22-19) 220-Woods vs Guhl Major (26-22) 285- Stohler vs Bernard Dec (26-25) Penn Wins Interesting match up. 113 is a HUGE swing weight as is 152. Penn having a "good" back up
  17. Cathedral wins all weights but 20-26-38-220. Still Might win 20-26. Ritter's 220 wins city and Outstanding Wrestler award.
  18. From the bleachers I saw Pruitt wrestle less then two periods during the day. He gave up two takedowns with a injured ankle. So I guess you can say they had him. I was referencing the dual with Cathedral. It's anyone's guess why their football players didn't wrestle. I saw them come into the gym to support and sit with the team. Just guessing they just could use a break.
  19. No Moss. No Perdue. No Hernandez. No Pruitt. No Hwt(can't remember name). Warren seemed to be very unintimidating without those big guns. Possible 4 state place winners right there.
  20. Cathedral and Warren this Saturday should be a good one. Watching the football state finals they said on tv WC has 4 defensive starters who wrestle. Catrell Moss, Max Hernandez, Noah Purdue, and Jason Brogan. Does Bernard play football for Cathedral anymore? I remember watching him play last year but never saw him in the title game. Who is in Cathedral's lineup that comes from football? Both top teams. Very early to tell who will be better in the end. By the looks of it, seems WC will be affected more come Saturday.
  21. Didn't Brandon Wright win it also or was he runner up? Also Y2, why wouldn't you have wanted to coach Hayden this season had he stayed?
  22. Is this a serious topic? Cathedral will run away with this. Most likely not more then 4 ticket rounders in this regional that don't wrestle for CHS.
  23. Howe vs Walpole Despite the fact I had Howe winning this match. I never thought he was going to cut him with the clock winding down in the 3rd after tying the match late.
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