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Everything posted by mogillis85

  1. Thoughts on the switch from Merrillville to East Chicago: PRO's 1. Guarantee of having a seat at anytime of the day/evening when you walked in. 2. The overall layout of tournment; building, easy access to concessions, bathrooms, programs, tickets, etc. 3. Efficiency of the way the tournament was run, and the professionalism of the staff. Everyone "volunteering" was extremely polite and accommodating. 4. Allowing wrestlers to have a designated space to warm up, thus not having to walk over wrestlers or cramped in-between while in transit to designation. Areas o
  2. Dude trolled numerous people like no other.
  3. Yeah funny thing this morning during the quarter finals it worked seamlessly with no issues. Get to the consolations and it crapping out every 2 seconds, I have perfect wi-fi connectivity have no issues streaming anything else. Nothing else running in the background. If consolations streamed so poorly hate to see how the finals are going to stream with exponentially more people watching. Thanks for the feedback guys hopefully your luck continues through the finals.
  4. How Bad is the feed on your guys end ? Is it cutting in and out every 2 seconds (no exaggeration) ???
  5. How is the feed this bad when people are paying money ?? UNACCEPTABLE !! Any chance you folks are working this issue ?
  6. Will Trackcast be showing the introductions before the finals ??
  7. How does an AD determine if their school is a sufficient venue for the Northwest Quadrant of Indiana ?
  8. Yes there is someone or a group of individuals to blame, however i highly doubt its going to change anything. So if they change it again, whats to say they aren't going to change it 25 more times before Friday night. Don't get me wrong what happened is all kinds of "messed" up. The people that are mad are the ones that believe that they or their wrestler got a favorable draw taken away from them. WATCH OUT with that kind of mentality after all that type of mindset may cost JIM BOB McGhee his 8th place medal. At the end of the day the student athletes have to wrestle who is in front of them.
  9. As many people have pointed out, the formulas should not be decided until "EVERY" Semi-State is complete. I don't see where anyone at Merrillville SS would have thrown a match for a favorable Friday night match at Bankers Life. However if the formulas were released then there is that possibility. So "DA REGION" folks really didn't screw up anything. Just like many things in life if people would follow protocol and take a half ounce of pride in what they do could this could have been avoided. Sorry to the wrestlers and the parents that got a raw deal on this, but blaming people isn't going to c
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