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  1. Thanks Indiana for the feedback... Got many PMs on where and why, and offers for more information -of which I will be reaching out. Thanks again Indiana for making us feel at home already. Oh and to the comment above the soon to be ninth grader is hovering around 35 right now so upper 20 s by season he was USA #2 in Iowa and AAU #3 in Iowa last year itching to get to High School ands get his bumps and bruises out of the way. Wrestled 5 varsity matches already this year at Grandview College in DesMoines - again thanks to all, and if you have any opinions please.
  2. Family relocating to Indians outside the Indianapolis area most likely north or west. Wrestling family from Iowa, well decorated to be ninth grader, and sixth grade clubber. What can you tell me about the state? Just looking to continue with the sport they love. Private Clubs? High School State? Schools? Tourneys? How do we get the matches? Wrestled 121 matches last year 107-14. Any outstanding high school programs or clubs? ???
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