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  1. I'm coaching at a small school, with small numbers. I don't believe a change to class wrestling would help get more kids into the wrestling room. From my experience at a small school, we have a problem with parents not wanting to get their kids involved. It's too much work and responsibility for them to pick their kids up from practice everyday, so the don't let them join the youth clubs. Involvement is down because the generation of adults with school aged children are busy chasing the American dream and would rather their kids just stay home and play video games. Where they don't have to b
  2. I want to see some predictions so I will start with mine. 106 Hunt,Rooks,Miller,Mills 113 Konrath,Dillbeck,Luigs,Franklin 120 Huskins,Gomez,Egli,Ferguson 126 Molloy,Young,Johnson,Lewis 132 N. Lee,B. Lee,Dowell,Wise 138 Lee,Todrank,Castleberry,Weddle 145 Jordan,Herrin,Haynes,Warren 152 Kemper,Farmer,Whitaker,Dunn 160 Koontz,Runyon,Helm,Furgason 170 Lady,Stevenson,Jeffress,Fredrick 182 Schaffer,Bassimer,Dalton,Hayes 195 Scott,Anslinger,Songer, Greiwe 220 Larson,Kyles,Short,Shepperd 285 Oglesby,Biddle,Butler,York What do you guys think?
  3. I liked the way he acted/reacted. I'm ready to go to Evansville and see if he can give a Quincy Richey esque blow up after he loses in the ticket round.
  4. I heard Newton was terrible, so terrible he even forgot how to be that last week
  5. Trust me i've seen the results form this year and i've watched just about all of these kids wrestle this year, however we are now at the time of the year that previous results don't really matter. IMO that is my guess on how saturdays wrestling will turn out. I'm sorry if i didn't pick your boy.
  6. Alright people here are my picks. 106 Thomas FP Hurst JA Simpson MI Robertson BNL 113 Koemer WA Newton CC Brock JA Fleck FP 120 Schitter JA Burton Pa Flamion FP Ramirez SR 126 Glen FP Mundy SR Murphy PA Butler Wa 132 Meza WA Best CC Grissom MI Ekert JA' 138 Kerstiens JA Hurst FP Drew WA Meyerholtz SR 145 Osha WA Brescher JA Tedrow MI Rominger PA 152 Mundy SR Stenftnagel JA Rice PA Waggoner MI 160 Kreilein JA Cobb MI Michel SR Satterfeild PA 170 Cissell WA Wagner JA
  7. Would Burton from PA be suprising Graber, seeing how he has already beat him once this year?
  8. Has Haynes from charlestown wrestled either whitley or lahue this year? If so what was the match scores?
  9. im not so sure about your 285 pound picks i don't think Jolley-Little will be able to beat the Salem kid. from 60 miles away.
  10. I don't think anyone would say Whitley isn't a good wrestler, but LaHue dominated him in the regional finals. I won't call it a fluke (Whitley beating LaHue), but he was in a different league in the regional finals.
  11. I have to say Lahue by 4. He is a very impressive freshman and i don't think he has peaked yet.
  12. Alright people here's the gospel. 106 Kennedy Burton Nawl Koerner 113 Lahue Whitley Schitter Graber 120 Shepard Popp Ekert Ramirez 126 Scremp Jamison Meenach Kerstiens 132 Marler Chavez Griffith Castlberry 138 Meza Brecsher Troutman Stuart 145 Mundy Emily Osha Kempf 152 Browner Franklin Burnette Stenftenagel 160 Rice Able Kaelin Dean 170 Marlin Stetter Sheppard Hall 182 Randall Cissell McCutchen Songer 195 Curtley Valenciano Schwinghamer
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