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  1. I think the record is 99 points will it happen I hope it's possible. Might be wrong about who has it now. Just hoping someone knows.
  2. Kid looked ready! Remember ,half on a takedown equals wining points.
  3. Where to find out how my picks are scoring,will it be on a link.
  4. Alway remember expect the best outcome with your kids , but accept not reaching Your expectations. Calm down its not your time.
  5. BS team could be in the fight ,with Cathedral , Yorktown, Warren, a strong 4 man team with a few bonus points. Teams must win 5th place extra with falls . Wide open for indv. weight classes except a couple wrestlers . I think you must watch the young kids , they will upset many heavy favorites . The new 2 & 3 time champs coming your bracket this year.
  6. When will people realize this is a 4 week tournament ,plenty of wrestle backs. Enter 14 final round this week ,many things happen good ,bad, great ,heart breaking. Points must count in all rounds. Why? IHSAA wants to make sure best dual meet team wins AKA PM. This will happen with out help. IHSAA tried to fix this with more wrestlers . I like true tourney champs score all points.
  7. How many points ? FW area must remember good old days with Muncie Southside!
  8. Anyone know if first round matches count for title?
  9. Cathedral looks strong, runner up . WC bad finial round at NC equals tough draws third place.
  10. PM to deep, big wins after close matches. Jim Tonte hardest working coach no, doubt it.
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