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  1. Flightinstructor

    Perry v. Cathedral Updates

    UMMMM....It started while I was posting this...
  2. Flightinstructor

    Perry v. Cathedral Updates

    Would someone please get this going? THANKS!!!!
  3. Flightinstructor

    New Palestine Invitational Seeds

    Here in lies the problem with girls wrestling boys ...if he were to go out and hit a big headlock and cause an injury to"the girl" he would be the bad guy. Blast double...same outcome...instead he touches her with kid gloves, hitting soft ducks and sweep singles as to not cause injury and he's still the bad guy. Had he pinned her in double grapevines which he often uses againt boys...fish and studs alike ...we would be having an altogether different discussion. LOSE LOSE FOR ANY BOY!!!
  4. Flightinstructor


    I gave two at the end of my post and the third is unnecessary because I will not say anything negative about young wrestlers...well mayde not negative but it would surely be taken as such. The kid beat two studs and is getting better every day. We'll see soon enough.
  5. Flightinstructor


    Really...Some of the above statements are just...WOW!!! I see no need to resort to slamming your work because it does generate more interest in our sport and this website but I wonder if the rankings are more intended for the latter. If you are as knowledgeable as one would think you need to be for such a task you of all people should know that some kids don't improve much over short periods of time and others make huge strides...and just because a kid loses to Johnny doesn't mean that everyone Johnny loses to is better. Match ups...styes...flukes...ect.
  6. Flightinstructor

    Jan. 8.2011 Duals/Tournaments

    Maybe just slightly understated Y2.
  7. Flightinstructor

    Perry Meridian Triple Dual

    Your mama's so stupid that when she heard that your team liked high c's and chicken wings she left the tournament and got some for the whole team.
  8. Flightinstructor

    cathedral and the county......

    Come on with it coach, who are your six picks? I hope you're not going off of city domination.
  9. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/7588
  10. Flightinstructor

    R.I.P. Nick Christoff...

    Many of us have become wrestling coaches for various reasons, our love of wrestling, family tradition, for the battles we have opportunity to witness and so on. Many of us are fans and reading this post for the same variety of reasons. I'm sure Nick shared many of these reasons with us but I assure you he coached for one reason, his love for kids. I witnessed first hand the countless wayward eastside youth that Nick helped mold into great competitors and on a much higher level great young men. I am the person I am today largely due to Nick Christoffs influence(only the admirable traits that is). R.I.P. my dear old friend.
  11. Flightinstructor

    Best Wrestling Name?

    As was listed in Coach Hulls original post, which I had the opportunity to hear twice at MSA...Caaase Hooooperrrr...in our announcers well known voice, with the Hoooo in a rather high tone and the perrr being much lower.
  12. Flightinstructor

    IndianaMat Preseason Team Rankings

    You may want to concentrate on teams like Westfield first. Baby steps.
  13. Flightinstructor

    Mater Dei Classic

    Not sure if They're still there or not but Greenwood made the trip in the recent past.
  14. Flightinstructor

    Wrestle Offs

    This would be a thread I haven't seen in the past. I was just wondering if anyone had any notable wrestle off stories.
  15. Flightinstructor

    Worst Screen Name

    Boo... ...hoo

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