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  1. Faroute is technical and strong but Zink is stronger. Nod goes to Zink here.
  2. To B Kelley from Evan Cent.....when you are in the finals against Lannert, when he gives you his leg DO NOT TAKE IT. Surprise some folks Saturday.
  3. Leonard @ 60 sneaks past southside's Lewis and gives a great effort against Walters. Lewis doesn't make the top 4.....maybe.
  4. Controlled approach by Meska. He gave up 2 points late in the match. Looked good.
  5. You're only as good as your last match. I can't wait until Saturday.
  6. 140-Faurote wins handily if he has 2 hands and just a victory if he has one hand. Faurote will beat Meska huh? Sorta like Mr Reicke from East Noble was handled by him too. :'( 140 Riecke (EN) dec Faurote (BE) 8-3 I suppose that you never know. ;D Luck to all wrestlers.
  7. Tell me about Faurote at 140.....lost 10-1 (or something close to that) by some kid - East Noble??. His forearm was clearly bandaged and he looked hesitant on the mat. I've heard that he had a surgical procedure done earlier the day before. That sucks and I hate it for him. I hope that he has a full recovery. Does that change the next several weekends and Ft Wayne semi-state bracket? Thoughts....??
  8. Ehrs is great.....but to those of you that claim his shoulders are out of bounds in the championship against meska I ask you where are his shoulders? http://thecr.com/main.asp?SectionID=111&SubSectionID=693 Don't confuse ref criticism with criticism of a wrestler. I'm not hating Ehr OR his game. Great win.
  9. Ehr (the man child) nearly got stuck in the 3rd period with less than 90 seconds in the match. Meska caught him and dropped him, from his feet with a headlock and hip throw. Meska TOTALLY got shorted 3 nearfall points. Should have been a 5 pointer.
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