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  1. No sour grapes on Delphi's victory over HN, but cudo's to A. Robinson of HN in the last bout against Brummett. With a 2-0 lead Robinson suffered what looked to be a serious knee injury in the 2nd period and basically wrestled with one leg the balance of the match. Definitely an exciting dual that came down to the last match. Congratulations and good luck to Delphi at Team State.
  2. I've seen Clark wrestle twice this year. At Concordia Invitational he was teched by Bradley early in the 3rd period and if memory serves me correct the only points he scored were when Bradley cut him. He went on to lose to Kryder from Homestead in consolations. He was also pinned by Newsome at HN dual. Clark isn't a bad wrestler, but I agree with Misterwin on the comparison to Lefevers.
  3. I don't believe it was cancelled, last I heard from Huntington North team was that it is postponed until Tuesday of next week.
  4. Message received concerning Logansport team regional indicates that it will most likely be re-scheduled for Monday, but still waiting on confirmation.
  5. Jolas 10 -1 according to the paper.
  6. Kohler beat Decker from NC 4 - 2 in a well contested match and lost to Downey HN 9 - 0 in the finals at NCC. Decker injury defaulted during his consolation match with Martinez from Logansport. Looked to me like a neck or head issue, hope that he is ok to wrestle next week. This was an interesting weight class with the top 5 seeds having 5 or less losses each.
  7. Just posted what I had for results. Have some missing match scores that I apologize for. Congratulations to all of the wrestlers and to Phil Eckert HN for NCC coach of the year.
  8. Going to do the best with notes that I have. Sorry for not having 100% of the scores or any mistakes. Team Scores: New Castle - 230 Huntington - 207.5 Logansport - 184.5 Marion - 135 Kokomo -128 Anderson 117.5 Muncie Central 109 Richmond 93.5 Coach of the Year - Phil Eckert - HN 103 Championship: Lloyd - MA over Broyles NC by dec 8-2 3rd place: Brandt -LO over O'Bryant And by dec 13 - 11 5th place: Nelson - KO over Hershberger MC by dec 7-6 2OT 112 Championship: Jolas - HN over Anderson NC by fall 3rd place: Hall - Ko over Corcoran LO by fall
  9. 135 Bradley Muncie South beat Downey Huntington North 3-1 in OT at Concordia Invitational today.
  10. Andrew Mason (a junior) has been wrestling 285 for Huntington North and I am estimating that he is 23 - 5 or there abouts.
  11. Cooper has been out with a hand injury from football. He will be back for conference next week at the earliest.
  12. eckert pinned letourneau the week after he lost to him at the bishop luers invitational, ketring has looked very solid so far this year though
  13. In the past it has been Carroll, Concordia, Homestead, Huntington North, Marion, Muncie South, Northwood and Snider.
  14. HN 23 - Avon 34 215 Piirtie Avon by fall over Pavey 285 Snyder Avon by dec over Mason 3 - 2 103 Rassbach Avon FF 112 Jolas HN by dec over Etienne 8 - 2 119 Fitzgerald Avon by m dec over Hiers 16 - 6 125 Newsome HN by dec over Svorinio 4 -0 130 Klien Avon by dec over Hiple HN 8 - 4 135 Eckert HN by fall over Harpe 140 Downey HN by tech f over Dunham 16 - 0 145 Gison Avon by dec over Robinson 3 - 0 152 Smith Avon by dec over Rosen 6 - 5 160 Wygant HN by dec over Alegandro 9 - 4 171 Hibbard Avon by fall over Weaver 189 Evans HN by dec over Jones 5 - 2 HN 29 F
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