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  1. The Courier-Times will be streaming several matches from the New Castle semistate. Not sure what matches yet but probably all of New Castle's at least and all of the finals. It will be free at www.thecouriertimes.com.
  2. I know the 119 pound class is stacked for the New Castle semistate this year. So I was looking through last year's brackets where Brenden Campbell won at 112. Campbell beat out Jared McKinley (now ranked No. 1 at 125), Brian Harvey (No. 1 at 130), Mason Todd (No. 2 at 112) and Dominque Price (No. 6 at 112). Out of that 112 pound class you now have two guys ranked No. 1, two ranked No. 2 and a guy ranked No. 5. Just an interesting bit of information.
  3. Yeah, Stacks is fantastic. Just watch out for the big guy they call Eli.
  4. Alex Catron is a force at 125. He was winning when he slipped up and got pinned by Batt but other than that he hasn't lost. He went to state last year and placed eighth and he did beat the No. 9 ranked guy 8-2 this season.
  5. OK. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  6. I was trying to find out what happened to Josh Ehr in the 2010 tournament. He is a very good wrestler and from what I can tell he was 40-0 after winning regional last year. Did he compete in semistate and lose in an early round or did an injury or something hold him out of the semistate?
  7. Shaking a kids hand after a match is required. What Fletcher did was not shaking his hand. He grabbed Lumpkin's hand and slung it forward and then ran off the mat punching everything, slamming headgear and such. Like I said, he did the exact same thing last year and when a person, I'm assuming was his mother, tried to calm him down he said some very, very choice words to her. Being competitive is great. I commend everyone for having a strong desire to win. But when you lose, you still have to show dignity. That, no matter how you try and frame it, was not dignified at all. I am one of the most competitive people I know. I hate losing at anything. But when my wife doesn't trade me Boardwalk in Monopoly and ends up beating me, I'd never throw the game over and then go punching everything in sight because I'm mad at myself. I have no doubt that the kid is probably a great person. I think it's awesome that he prays before a match, like you said. But that still does not excuse the actions after a loss.
  8. Here's the match exactly how it went. Fletcher scored a takedown and earned back points in the first period to go up 5-0. Lumpkin scored a reversal and got two back points to make it 4-5. At the end of the first period Fletcher earned an escape to go up 6-4. Fletcher started the second period down and quickly got a reversal to go up 8-4, but Lumpkin countered with his second reversal of the match to make it 6-8. In the third period Lumpkin started down. He earned the escape with 1:48 remaining in the match to cut Fletcher's lead to 8-7. Then Lumpkin earned a takedown to go up 9-8 and put Fletcher on his back as time expired to win 11-8. Then, for the second year in a row, Fletcher violently shook the sectional champions hand then punched and slammed everything on his way out the door. It was a great match, and could go either way if they wrestled again. I just hope sometime Fletcher learns to lose a bit more gracefully, and that's not saying that he will lose by any means.
  9. Coach Baumgartner, if I knew how, I'd be dishing you out some cool points for your last post. I totally agree with you in all regards. I don't understand why coaches are crying over team state. I talk to coaches around the state and the general consensus with everyone is that the process is extremely flawed. It's not a secret that team state was probably already six feet underground and having dirt shoveled on it. If something as simple as one school pulling out can throw the entire state tournament off the edge, than it was already teetering anyway. Everyone wants to see a new format. I don't think a single coach likes a mid-week dual coinciding with the weekend individual tournaments. How about work on a proposal to make team state and individual state work. Put team state a week after the individual state tournament. I don't care whether you class it or not. But why not make it an all-day event. The more teams that are there, the bigger the crowd. The bigger the crowd, the more money coming in. Also, how sweet would it be to have 16 of the so-called best teams in Indiana at one venue, on one day, all vying for one crown.
  10. Wrestling is perhaps the greatest "individual" sport ever invented. A wrestler goes out there and takes on his opponent on the mat. The best wrestler emerges as the victor. That is the splendor of this sport. Yet, like so many of you out there, I also love the team aspect. I love the fact that a subpar wrestler who knows he can't beat his guy can do his team a service by being tough and fighting off a pin. I love the strategy involved in the dual format. Now to get to my point. Wrestling is also one of the most physically demanding sports out there. A wrestler wants to advance as far as he can in the individual tournament, that is the nature of the beast. Rarely do wrestlers say "Our team qualified for regional"...instead they remember how they made it to semistate their junior year, or whatever. Kids start at four years old learning to go out there and win individual tournaments. The individual tournament is still the Mac Daddy of the sport. Coaches may try to put up a front, but we all knew the current team format was dead way before the Eastern decision. To use them as a scapegoat for a dying tourney is ridiculous. They simply did what was best for their wrestlers to accomplish their individual goals. Blame them all you want, but it's inaccurate and unfair. Instead of everyone lambasting a coach for his decision, which is based on what's best for his kids (which all coaches should put first and foremost in my opinion), why not think of a resolution to save a team tournament. The bottom line is that something has to be done to make sure the two tournaments do not take place at the same time. Have an individual state followed up by a one-day, 16 team state team tournament. Would be a fantastic day of wrestling.
  11. The New Castle Courier-Times has Mullins wrestling at 160. That puts Tyler Brand, who is a decent wrestler, in at 152 and would help the team earn some extra points.
  12. If I added this up right, Merriville's semistate has 12 in the finals, New Castle 8, Ft. Wayne 5 and Evansville 3.
  13. "Not really stunning. New Castle has a lot of pretty records but don't get out and face a lot of great competition throughout the year. That comes back to bite them when they have to face tough kids like Roncalli has." New Castle does wrestle a good schedule. The kids on the team with good records, have went up against anyone the other teams throw on the mat against them. Those same kids beat the Roncalli kids. New Castle won seven matches in this bout, and gave up a forfeit at 171 pounds. I don't think anything came back to bite them, just Roncalli got more pins in this one. Connor Mullins wrestled Clark from South Dearborn, who is ranked fourth, and he absolutely dominated him. He did the same to Keiffer (ranked No. 2 at 125 pounds). No reason to knock the NC wrestlers.
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