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Can Purdue or Indiana be a top five NCAA wrestling program, not only in the next few years , but ever?

Right now the cards are stacked against them. 
All the elite HS guys are not giving the in state schools a sniff.  
The two coaches of the in state schools are good, but do they have the aura to bring in the top recruits in the country to elevate their respective programs to the top ten or top five. 
I think the best programs get good help from their respective athletics director, to be able to keep them in the top of the NCAA. I don’t need to name the schools, but do you think it’s possible here?

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I won't say never. With the NCAA simulation that TrackWrestling posted that was mathematically very realistic, Purdue finished 10th--only 11 points behind 5th.


If Schroeder hadn't gotten an unlucky wrestleback draw and finished 7th instead of losing in the blood round, Coleman finishes 5th instead of 7th, and Lyon/Filius/Parriott win 4 matches between them instead of 2, Purdue is top 5.

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Yes this was a good year for the Boilers, no doubt,and I remember Indiana had a team, about 20 or so years ago, that was decent at the NCAA. But we all saw what happened to Indiana. Jury is out for the boilers for now. I'm not on here to Dis what is happening with the two schools, I go to all of Indianas matches and stay up with Purdue , but a part of me thinks there isn't enough time for it to happen with the given history of wrestling at these schools.hopefully they prove me wrong. 



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