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  1. Pavlov's Dog

    Ohh La La La
  2. Alex Tsirtsis Camp Jan 9th

    We've decided to make this weekend's camp Saturday only. Sessions are 12-2, 3-5, and 5:30-7:00. Fee is $50 We're close to being full, so please contact us if you'd like to attend. We've got a great crew lined up to spend a day in the room. ependoski@wrestlingcia.com 317.701.1512
  3. CIA January Newsletter

    January Workouts: We will combine the blue and white groups in January. Members will have the option of working out on Sun/Mon/Wed from 6:45-8:15. Each member will have the option of once, twice or three times a week. Dues for once a week will be $50 and dues for twice a week will be their normal monthly dues. If a member decides to train three times a week they will add $15 for the month. See Coach P if you have any questions. Camp: Alex Tsirtsis will be in town for a camp on January 9th and 10th. We have had Alex down in the past for some camps and he does an amazing job. Alex won 4 IHSAA State titles in Indiana before moving on to University of Iowa where he was an NCAA All American. Let Coach P know if you can make this camp as it is sure to be a good one. High School Sessions: Our high school sessions start in March and we will start to get the list of members set soon. Every year our high school groups have been full. Last year there were 4 IHSAA State Champions that supplemented their training with us (and 3 more in the CIA NWI room!). If you are a current member in 8th grade, you have first pick of a spot in these sessions. Workouts will be Sun/Mon, with heavier guys from 5:00-6:30 and lighter guys from 6:45-8:15. Each member in our high school group is asked to sign a 5-month agreement (March-July). See Coach P if you?d like to secure your spot. High School Season: We think it is very important for the wrestlers to be around great wrestling matches. Ask one of our coaches if you?d like to know where your guy could see some exciting high school wrestling. Those are the matches we?re training for in the future. Weather Cancellations: Make sure to check the website on days of bad weather. We will put it on the calendar if we?re going to cancel practice. www.wrestlingcia.com. Contact Coach P if you have any questions: ependoski@wrestlingcia.com 317.701.1512
  4. CIA Wrestling

    Good luck to all the high school wrestlers that supplemented your training with us this summer. We look forward to watching you compete this summer. 7 is the number to beat. Good luck to you all. We start our winter training schedule in Indy on November 1st. White group (elementary): Sundays 5:00-6:30 Wednesdays 6:45-8:15 Blue group (middle school): Sundays/Mondays 6:45-8:15 (10 is your number to beat) If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: Ed Pendoski 317.701.1512 ependoski@wrestlingcia.com
  5. With the high school season coming soon we are going to host sessions on both the north and south side of Indy. We will have 2 different locations starting pre season workouts on Thursday Sept. 24th. Both Center Grove and Zionsville high school will have workouts from 6:00-7:30 in their wrestling rooms for the 6 Thursdays before the start of the IHSAA season. Contact Ed Pendoski if you have any questions ependoski@wrestlingcia.com 317.701.1512
  6. CIA Sessions at Center Grove and Zionsville

    Reminder that our sessions start tomorrow at Zionsville and Center Grove. We've got a good crew of guys lined up to get some pre-season workouts at both places. Also remember that all members must have a current USA Card. We will have cards for sale for $30.
  7. Attn Mr Pendoski, it is 9:14 EST

    I really do hope that the buckeyes can find a way to beat USC next week, but since my buddy questions the integrity of my favorite college football team, I have to ask one question. Did Mr. Pryor really have Michael Vick's name under his eyes? Michigan not getting Pryor hurt them bad last year. Now we have a quarterback that can throw better and one that can run better. I'm glad we didn't get him now. If I heard correctly, Robinson has only been on campus for 3 weeks. That's only 180 hours of practice!
  8. CIA Sessions

    Reminder that there are no sessions this Sunday at CIA-Indy or CIA-NWI, due to Labor Day weekend. We will be back to our regular schedule on Monday. With the start of football, we have openings in all our sessions. Contact us if you're interested in getting in some pre-season workouts. We have tough rooms going at it now, with each of our high school sessions having at least 1 returning IHSAA state champ in them. We have two more weeks before we start to build a conditioning base. CIA-Indy Sunday/Monday 5:00-6:30 (high school over 140 lbs) Sunday/Monday 6:45-8:15 (high school under 140) Sunday 3:15-4:45, Wednesday 6:45-8:15 (middle school and under) Contact Ed Pendoski for more info 317.701.1512 CIA NWI Sundays/Tuesdays 6:00-7:30 Contact Bill Hawkins for more info 219.308.0603
  9. Attn Mr Pendoski, it is 9:14 EST

    Tate Forcier is named starter for tomorrow. Michigan will have 500 yds rushing and 7 yds passing tomorrow as they score 40. Tressel will then be nervous and take back his nice words for the Maize and Blue. At the same time Nevada will roll up 60 points on the Irish and Weis will have a heart attack after eating his 15th brat of the afternoon. My predictions. You heard it here first.
  10. Attn Mr Pendoski, it is 9:14 EST

    I'm more upset about 3 quarterbacks this weekend then the NCAA investigation. I haven't given up hope yet. I'm glad they got a jerk for a coach now. I was tired of watching Carr be up on Northwestern by 30 and put the 3rd team in so they win by 7. I was hoping they hired Tharp. I'll settle for Rich Rod and see what he can do this year.
  11. Attn Mr Pendoski, it is 9:14 EST

    I can hear them complain now that the only reason Michigan wins is they practice too hard. Very typical ohio state fan. How quick buckeyes have forgotten the Maurice Clarett years. Didn't he get a DUI while having a gun and stolen property in his car and then lead the Big 10 in rushing?
  12. We are excited to announce that Alex Tsirtsis is back in Northwest IN and will be running sessions at the new CIA-IL on Thursdays starting Aug. 6th. Alex is a 4 X IHSAA State Champion and an NCAA All American for University of Iowa. He and Vince Sessa will be running workouts will at Bloom Trail High School from 6:00-7:30. Bloom Train HS 22331 Cottage Grove Ave Chicago Hts, Il 60411 Enter the fieldhouse on Cottage Grove Ave. Contact Bill Hawkins if you have any questions. 219.308.0603 bhawkins@wrestlingcia.com
  13. Scott Hinkel at CIA NWI

    Purdue Head Coach Scott Hinkel will be at CIA NWI for both workouts on Tues. April 27th. We look forward to having Coach Hinkel put us through a workout before freestyle state.
  14. CIA Satellites Reminder

    CIA still has sessions in Zionsville and Center Grove. We're excited about the kids in the room at both facilities. Both rooms have HS state placers coming to supplement their training. Let us know if you're interested in working out with us. Zionsville-Thursday nights 5:00-6:30 Middle School and under 6:45-8:15 High School Center Grove-Wednesday nights 6:00-7:30 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions ependoski@wrestlingcia.com 317.701.1512
  15. CIA Satellites Reminder

    Starting this Thrusday April 30th there will only be one session at Zionsville. 6:00-7:30. Let us know if you're interested in working out with us. beppert@wrestlingcia.com ependoski@wrestlingcia.com
  16. CIA @ Center Grove

    CIA Wrestling is excited to offer sessions at Center Grove High School. CIA Wrestling has been in the Indianapolis area since March of 2005. We have offered wrestlers the opportunity to train with other quality wresters in your area. Sessions will be on Wednesdays starting on April 8th. There will be two separate sessions. Middle school age and under will workout from 5:00-6:30 and high school age wrestlers will workout from 6:45-8:15. The staff of CIA will coach sessions. CIA Wrestling is based on the philosophy that being a champion does not happen in big meets but rather comes from how you live your life both on and off the mat. CIA is committed to providing wrestlers with a place to develop both their skills, and their ability to train. A wrestler can meet his/her full potential by training with quality partners and receiving quality coaching that is based on a time tested philosophy that has produced countless champions. We are now taking applications to join these sessions. Sessions are expected to fill, so please contact us if you would like to be part of this training. Ed Pendoski ependoski@wrestlingcia.com 317.701.1512
  17. CIA NWI Reminder

    Reminder that CIA NWI sessions start their new schedule next week. Session will be on Sundays and Tuesdays. Grey (MS and under group) 5:30-7:00 Black (HS group) 7:00-8:30 Please contact Coach Hawkins if you have any questions 219.308.0603 We are also looking into starting a new classroom session called "Bowling-The Mental Game". If you' are tired of whipping your nerdy buddies on the lanes, but losing to athletes who talk trash at the bowling alley...then this is the group for you. Our first session is titled "I don't suck, he's just saying that" . It will help you learn to deal with these types of situations and many more.
  18. cathedral open room

    Coach McGinley asked me to post here that there will be no open room at Cathedral tonight because of spring break.
  19. CIA NWI

    There are still openings in the groups at CIA NWI at Hanover Central HS. Last Tues. workouts had 5 of this year's state champions in the room. Along with those 5 were multiple placers and a coach who thinks he's a good bowler. Contact Coach Hawk if your interested in working out. bhawkins@wrestlingcia.com 219.308.0603
  20. CIA Wrestling-Indy

    This Thursday, March 5th starts our new sessions at Zionsville HS. We will host workouts on Thursday nights. Wrestlers that are middle school and under workout from 5:00-6:30 and HS wrestlers workout from 6:45-8:15. Please email us if you'd like to be included in these sessions. We've got a good crew signed up and look forward to spending time with the dedicated wrestlers in that area. There are only a few spots left in the CIA workouts at Cathedral sessions. We're excited about the groups there. Each group has multiple state champions in it. Let us know if you're interested. ependoski@wrestlingcia.com
  21. CIA Wrestling-Indy

    We will be back in the room tonight at Zionsville HS. Middle school and under from 5:00-6:30 and the high school only group from 6:45-8:15. Had a good turnout and a great workout last week and we think these sessions will fill by the end of the month. contact us if you're interested in being a part of these groups. ependoski@wrestlingcia.com
  22. CIA NWI Spring/Summer Sessions

    We're excited about CIA-NWI's room this spring. 7th grade and under 5:30-7:00 8th grade and up 7:00-8:30 Great group of dedicated kids signed up to supplement their training. Contact Coach Hawkins if you're interested in getting in with this group. bhawkins@wrestlingcia.com 219.308.0603
  23. CIA Indy Spring Sessions

    CIA Indy is now setting our spring sessions. Our high school groups have filled the past 4 years. There are over 50 wrestlers in this weekend's Semi-States that worked out with us last spring/summer. Please don't wait if to contact us if you plan on training with us this spring/summer. We will have two separate facilities starting this spring. CIA Indy (new location at Cathedral HS's wrestling room) Green Group (beginners) Sundays 2:00-3:00 Blue Group (7th grade and under) Sundays 3:15-4:45, Wednesdays 6:45-8:15 Orange Group (high school over 140 lbs) Sundays/Mondays 5:00-6:30 Red Group (high school under 140 lbs) Sundays/Mondays 6:45-8:15 CIA Zionsville (new location at Zionsville HS's wrestling room) Middle school and under. Thursdays 5:00-6:30 High School. Thursdays 6:45-8:15 Please contact us if you are interested in getting in to workout with us or if you have any questions. Our groups have filled the past years so please let us know as soon as possible. ependoski@wrestlingcia.com 317.701.1512
  24. CIA Indy Spring Sessions

    Reminder. There are no workouts this Sunday due to Middle School State.
  25. No workouts in Indy on Wednesday Jan. 28th due to weather.