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  1. Wrestling and Math

    Nick, You totally rushed question #2. ....but don't worry, there is also questions 3-7 coming next.
  2. Carmel RTC

    We're back at in The Blue Room again tonight 6:45-8:15. Last week's room was outstanding watching the hammers wrestling live! This week's technician will be Eddie Palmer. Coach Palmer was state runner up for Huntington North HS and was Mental Attitude Award winner in 1990, but he is probably most famous for what most consider the greatest win ever in the quarterfinals that year at 140lbs!
  3. Carmel RTC

    (please don't tangle us in your webs! We don't want to be on either side of arguments....like Switzerland)
  4. Carmel RTC

    So glad you asked! It was the question of the night. Geter couldn't make it last night. He was asked to stop in at Augusta National Golf Course to help them make sure the Bermuda grass was ready for the Masters, on his way to Mexico to rescue an orphanage from drug cartel oppression.
  5. Carmel RTC

    What a great room last night for our first RTC of 2017! We had 40+ kids (and 10 coaches) in the room getting after it! It was especially awesome to see the seniors (Jerde, Webster, Jagow, Pecoraro, etc) in the room still training like the state tourney series was next weekend. We told the kids that some people enjoy watching the symphony, or looking at fine art....I could watch this room wrestle every day. The group of Webster, Eiteljorge, Allred, Penola, Welch, The Chad, etc was just entertaining to see! Thanks to Coach Williams for putting us through a good drill and showing some great finishes to leg attack. Also, thanks to Gil Journey for coming by!
  6. RTC's

    Carmel's RTC is Wednesday 6:45-8:15 ISWA website is incorrect
  7. International folk style competition

    I'm going to guess that the decisions the IOC make are way out of my scope of what I actually know. But I'm also assuming that there were not many Russians doing snowboard half pipe before they made that a Winter Olympic sport. I also will assume that adding the 'extreme sports' to Winter Olympics did wonders for the television revenue because of the Americans success and the amount of TV viewers it added. The question that this thought brought to my head is 'would the USA dominate the Olympics if they added Folkstyle'? My first guess is that we would dominate because the 'best wrestler' in every country would wrestle freestyle and the 'best wrestler' in America would do Folkstyle. In other words, if Folkstyle was added to Olympics, then our freestyle team would be Varsity 2 but some would call them JV! ha! But if freestyle was replaced by folkstyle, I don't think we would dominate as much as we first think.
  8. Elkins!

    If you didn't get to watch Elkins fight last night at UFC 209, I promise it's worth looking up to watch! Darren was losing badly after the first two rounds (I pray that my opinion here doesn't piss off Daren and have him come to Carmel and smash me). He comes back and wins by knockout with 1:30 left in the fight. .....he also won fight of the night for his performance! http://www.cbssports.com/mma/news/ufc-209-results-darren-elkins-knocks-out-mirsad-bektic-after-taking-a-beating/ This one was similarly close to watching Rocky IV. The Russian got tired from punching Darren in the face so many times, but just like when Darren was on the mat, he just kept going.
  9. Summer Dual opportunities

    It is true, we will again be hosting the World Championships of the World on April 8-9th. Last year reigning World Champions of the World, Chesterton was heavily favored to become the first EVER back to back World Champions of the World by EMD.
  10. Carmel RTC

    The list of guys coming to workout on Wed. is starting to be impressive! Shenandoah, Zionsville, N. Mont crew should make for a great room between 160-180lbs. (fyi....the Welch brothers are also between 160-180. Chad might be closer to 190 now that he has invisible lats!)
  11. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Not sure I agree here. Compare the 4th place finisher from Calumet, N. Mont., Perry and Mooresville. I also think that the Zionsville Sectional and the North Mont regional suffers because it doesn't not have the "Indianamat Presence" as the other 3 regionals in this comparison. Maybe I'm going to have to up my Instagram presence! ha! I've stated for a couple years, I'd take the Zionsville Sectional 5th place guys against any other secional's 5th place in a dual all day. At the end of the day, we will all get ourselves upset if we don't understand that this is similar to seeding a tourney. We have to have a set of guidelines and then when we get the microscope out and break down all these individual situations, there will be mistake or guys/teams on the short end (or the winning end). If we want the perfect way to pick teams (or seed a tourney), I'd vote to have an honest guy do it all. I'd nominate Jim Wadkins
  12. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Westfield finished 6th in our Regional and they are ranked #24 on the genius rating. I don't even pretend to know the math on the qualifying point system. I also think that the multiplier was too rewarding to our sectional/regional path. ....but I also know that it is probably impossible to have a scoring system implied across the state that could be 'the best way'. We have to have a system, this system is researched and thought through. There will always be 'outlier' situation that a scoring system will miss. Genius ratings of teams in our sectional.: 8 Carmel 16 Zionsville 24 Westfield 30 Hamilton Southeastern 54 Lebanon There was a wrestler that placed at Al Smith and he didn't get our of the sectional (and in my opinion, he wrestled well to get 5th!) And that sectional feeds into the regional with: 17 North Montgomery There's still only 56 semi state qualifiers that come from this regional. The points get split between these teams. I also wonder what would happen if you took the average genius rating of the top 6 teams in a regional to help
  13. Semi-State Hangout Schedule

    Good call by asking this question here. If you do decide to ask Geter this weekend face to face, remember this......don't look directly into his left eyeball. He hates that, but you'd never know that he hates that...unless he wanted you to know he hates that.
  14. Middle School State

    I remember when I first got involved with the ISWA in the mid 90s and Mr. and Mrs. Errett proposed having qualifying tourneys for freestyle state and it was proposed to be cash positive compared to having one big tourney. If everyone is serious about a two week tourney, I would suggest asking ISWA clubs that are hosting regionals to host a MS Regional since they have mats out on Saturday already. I know North Montgomery ran a club tourney after their regional. Pros: I think you'd get more kids wrestling. I'm pretty positive that more Carmel kids would go to the regional if it was closer and not as 'skilled' as the MS State. I'd be confident that the other regions would get many more kids at a regional that were hours away from New Castle. Cons: Two weekends of tourneys for kids that might be in their middle school season.
  15. Semi-State Hangout Schedule

    If we learned anything last night, it's that you cannot hide from Geter. He may let you think he doesn't know where you are....but he knows.
  16. Semi-State Hangout Schedule

    I did get the text message asking if Dingo was broadcasting from the portajohn outside Steak and Shake in Cicero!
  17. I want to remember the score being 16-15, but I'm sure that the numbers could have been glorified over time. .....I also think I could bench press 525lbs then too. hehe
  18. Bradbury lost to Ramos 13 times and he was winning 6 of them in the third period. This week is always a good time to talk about a great ticket rd match. Bradbury vs Birge. Andrew put it on youtube last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCJvKleM5ow
  19. sectional realignment

    I typed up a proposal last year to combine the weekends of Sectional/Regional to take a week out of our series. We would love this idea of combining both weekends. Would it create some credibility with the IHSAA if we talked about less wrestling? Can you imagine how many sports (and their crazy coaching associations) want more 'things' for their respective sport? We would think that having the Super Regionals would be money makers for the IHSAA and make it easier to have enough officials. We do believe that if we are taking an entire week out of our individual tourney, we'd need to look at having wrestle backs from the quarter finals at semi state in return. (that is the one we are passionate about). Our association would be taking an entire week out of the state tourney series and it could be feasible to add a round of wrestle backs at semi state from the quarters in return. We already have a classed team state. Why change that?
  20. I wanted to throw an idea out and see what others thought....... I have read most of the 'class wrestling' vs 'one class' discussions here over the years and I can see the pros and cons of both sides of the argument. (I also understand that we coach in the largest school in the state) Right after I started CIA, I remember going to see a big 32 team tourney over winter break to see the finals of kids that trained with us. I remember looking over to mat 4 and seeing the wrestling for 7th and 8th and then my opinion on class wrestling changed. Seeing the level of wrestling for 8th place of a 32 team tourney means that there were hypothetically 24 guys worse than the guy getting 8th. At that moment, my opinion of adding class wrestling moved in favor of starting class wrestling (as long as it keeps our state tourney in Bankers Life...but that's a different story). If smaller schools had a chance for success against other smaller schools, I can only image that they'd go back to school, pronounce themselves as Sectional champions and get some notoriety in the school and making it more attractive for others to participate and hopefully that would help 'snowball' into a more solid program over time. I believe that the top 10 percent of Indiana wrestling is as good as it's ever been in our state's history, and the bottom 10% is still the bottom 10%. What can we do to make sure the 'middle class' of Indiana wrestling is also getting better? Class wrestling could be something that could help. Then my thought went to JV teams wrestling in varsity tournaments. This year Carmel sent their JV to a varsity tourney for the first time. They finished 7th in a 16 team tourney and had 1 champ. We were happy for them to have some quality matches. But if the top 10% of Indiana's teams (I'm definitely saying we're top 10%) didn't send their JV teams to varsity tourneys, wouldn't that leave a place for other teams to have success? ....and if nobody sent their JV to varsity tourneys, wouldn't that mean that we could get better JV tourneys because they would be looking for tough JVs to compete against? I guess my question is that if we all stopped sending JVs to varsity tourneys, wouldn't it open up places for Indiana's 'middle class' programs to have more success? I'm thinking if we all stopped sending JV's to varsity tourneys it would be a baby step towards class wrestling and it would make opportunities to have better true JV matches.
  21. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    There are stumbling blocks in every situation. Let's define the question on the table. Varsity is the school's #1 team Everything else is JV. If the top schools that have numbers and a culture and they send their JV teams to varsity tournaments, does it make it more difficult for the teams that are trying to build a culture and numbers in their room. And if the top schools all stopped sending JV teams to varsity tournaments, would there be more JV tournaments that would better fit their JV teams? Now, I'll be first to admit that I've never coached at a small school or a rural area so I have never 'walked a mile in their shoes', but my first thought is that if a guy is on the fence about joining our sport and he went to a tourney and lost to a school's JV guy, he wouldn't feel great about it. Sending JV to varsity tourneys helps the established programs and the expense of the non-established programs. If we stopped sending JV to varsity tourneys it would help the non-established teams, but at the expense of the established programs. Is there a chance that we are 'over-fishing the lake'? The established programs keep getting more established and it is at the expense of the non-established teams. Meaning that if the best programs keep firing out more good kids, and they are getting the experience at the expense of the programs that are farther behind them? If we continue this pace, will the programs that are behind the 'experienced programs' never catch up and eventually just stop having programs all together. Does anyone think that the disparity level amongst Indiana wrestling has increased over the years. If we stopped sending JV to varsity tournaments would that help close the gap between the 20th best program to the 150th best program. My first thought is that it would be a good investment in the future of Indiana wrestling. It wouldn't make a difference tomorrow, but could be a path to help Indiana wrestling's future.
  22. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    Rookie78, What you said in your post is what makes me think if we stopped wrestling JV in varsity would help... In 3 of our 4 weeknight duals matches this year, we wrestled 0 jv matches, due to lack of wrestlers on the opposing schools. In our other dual (Homestead), we wrestled 13 jv matches, plus the Varsity dual which made for a great night of wrestling. If the opposing schools had success in local tourneys, wouldn't it be easier for them to promote our sport in their school....and hence help them fill their JV team? ...and if all of the top 10% schools (In my opinion, Prairie Heights is in that group) didn't go to varsity tourneys, then they would have JV tourneys worth taking their teams too.
  23. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    This year was the first year that we sent our JV to a varsity event. Maybe the next question is: does Indiana have too many tournaments scheduled? If there are 300ish schools that have a team, do we need 320 potential tournaments openings per weekend?
  24. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    That's correct. But if a top 10th percentile school sends their JV (you can call it whatever you want) to a tourney that have the 50th percentile level teams (middle class of our state), we're taking away a chance for the opportunity for success at a local tourney. If we said that we should have 18 varsity appearances (or weigh in points) for each school, it would take our JVs out of varsity tournament (more chance of success for the mid level guy/school) and it would make JV tourneys more competitive for the top 10% cause you would include those 30 JV teams back into the population of JV tournaments.
  25. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    Joe, you're using an extreme to help decide what is best for the middle. Sure, there are a handful of kids that are not varsity and if they were put in the right situation and semi state draw, they could compete at the state tourney.....but that's not typical. Wouldn't there be better quality at JV tourneys if no one was sending JV to varsity tourneys?