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Posts posted by tonyb71

  1. 4 minutes ago, SWINfan said:


    Just finished watching.  I started about 15-20 behind.  Big win for Nick, especially since Pletcher seemed to be in control the first half of the match.  Or at least it felt that way...


    Agree it felt that way too.  Pletcher got that first takedown and nearly had another but incredible defense by Nick.  Nick seemed to separate in the 2nd period and never let up.  

  2. Nick Lee was phenomenal Friday night.  He is on another level this year and I don't see anyone keeping him from winning a national championship this year.  


    On to Parris, just watched his match and WOW!!  Last year he wasn't quite filled out at HWT and his stamina looked bad.  Fast forward this year and he looks like a HWT with the stamina.  His athleticism was on display tonight.  Gonna be lit when he and Steveson meet up.  Could have 2 Indiana boys winning their first national championships this year.

  3. 18 minutes ago, Cappy said:

    I know Willman and Stewart @220 have split this year, but what about Robinson and Stewart? How close have those matches been?


    Stewart is 2-0 vs Robinson so far this year.  At the PAC duals, Stewart beat Robinson 6-4 in OT.  Stewart beat Robinson 6-2 at the PAC Tournament a couple of weeks back.  Normally these are tight matches right until the end so I'd expect more of the same Saturday but hopefully Robinson can come out on top this time.  Should be a great match to watch.

  4. Valid points SWINfan but I think the big X factor for me are the coaches and wrestling room that Nick has to fall back on.  Nick is a quick learner and I have no doubt he'll learn from this loss and come back stronger.  For me, the body of work by both wrestlers this season up until this match is why I give Nick the edge.  I still feel this will be a great match as I expect both wrestlers will be amped for it but I think too many good things are pointing to Nick so I'm going with him for the win.  

  5. Obviously much has changed for both wrestlers since their first meeting but looking forward to this match in about a month.  Any thoughts on how this one will go?  

    I'm going with Nick Lee in this one.  He's had a great start to this season whereas Chad has suffered a few losses already but I'm sure this match will be close. Both had a great showing at the NCAA's last season so hoping for another epic match!!

  6. Gibson Southern wins the team score with Southridge finishing 2nd.


    Individual Results:



    1st  - Logan Meyerholtz (SR)

    2nd - Spencer Kirchgessner (SS)

    3rd - Kameron Kendall (NP)

    4th - Ben Waninger (HH)

    5th - Max Ziller (GS)



    1st - Drew Dilbeck (GS)

    2nd - Cameron Fisher (NP)

    3rd - Hunter Meyerholtz (SR)

    4th - Carlos Stewart (PC)

    5th - Davin Davis (TC)

    6th - Cassie Stanton (SS)



    1st - David Teague (TC)

    2nd - Levi Miller (NP)

    3rd - Jacob Flanagan (GS)

    4th - Randy Powell (PC)

    5th - Dalton Curry (TE)

    6th - Price Painter (SR)



    1st - Logan Dilbeck (GS)

    2nd - Zack Graham (TE)

    3rd - Colton Glenn (FP)

    4th - Drew Dearing (SR)

    5th - Trey Mucker (TC)

    6th - Nathan Lamar (HH)



    1st - Joe Craig (TC)

    2nd - Zachary Brosmer (FP)

    3rd - Michael Polen (GS)

    4th - Josh Wiggins (NP)

    5th - David Rogier (SR)

    6th - Jerry Greer (PC)



    1st - Clay Singleton (GS)

    2nd - Ryan Martin (NP)

    3rd - Mason Ayer (HH)

    4th - Alex Irwin (TC)

    5th - Luke Fleck (FP)

    6th - Draven Kline (PC)



    1st - Owen Ninke (HH)

    2nd - Jarrett Hawhee (TC)

    3rd - Joshua Thomas (FP)

    4th - Austin Kane (SR)

    5th - Deacon Parker (TE)

    6th - Colton Gamblin (NP)



    1st - Hunter Baehl (GS)

    2nd - Tucker Schank (SR)

    3rd - Tommy Pemberton (TE)

    4th - Kaynin Capps (NP)

    5th - Gavin Boyd (PC)

    6th - Bo McCain (FP)



    1st - Landon Fleck (FP)

    2nd - Knowah Rodgers (HH)

    3rd - Colton O'Neal (PC)

    4th - Cole Dilbeck (GS)

    5th - Isaac Nunamaker (SR)

    6th - Logan Payne (SS)



    1st - Jaylon Owens (PC)

    2nd - Davin Songer (SR)

    3rd - Kyle Hagedorn (TC)

    4th - Lucas Plasse (GS)

    5th - Zach Gasaway (HH)

    6th - Ethan Byers (TE)



    1st - Jeremy McKinley (TE)

    2nd - Tyler Trent (SR)

    3rd - Connor Sturgeon (SS)

    4th - Parker Rose (GS)

    5th - Zach Adkins (NP)

    6th - Zach Butler (TC)



    1st - Keith Barclay (SS)

    2nd - Cade Arnold (TE)

    3rd - Chris Alvey (PC)

    4th - Eric Ayala (SR)

    5th - Cole Workmeister (NP)

    6th - Mark Sorg (GS)



    1st - Jack Michel (SR)

    2nd - Jake Sisk (PC)

    3rd - Devin Mills (GS)

    4th - Nolan Porter (HH)



    1st - Cory Klem (GS)

    2nd - Keith Neukam (SR)

    3rd - Silas Goff (PC)

    4th - Wyatt Keller (HH)

    5th - Chris Cross (NP)

    6th - Andrew Schuler (FP)


  7. I think Burke North is dropping to 138 but would agree with you 1prouddad if he is at 145. Brown and Mohler have beaten Orth already this year is why I have them.


    Burke wrestled at 138 vs Gibson Southern in last Thursday's dual meet.  

  8. They do have double our state population and a somewhat stronger wrestling interest level in that land of Lincoln. Wisconsins numbers maybe slightly better for comparison purposes based on state population and wrestling interest level.


    I agree.  Just wish our numbers were close to that. 

  9. Just for kicks I looked at the Illinois Freestyle registration numbers for their State tournament this weekend and they are at 655 registered wrestlers.  Their registration closes 1 hour before ours.  The current registration for the ISWA Freestlye tournament is now at 339. 

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