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  1. You guys still beating that dead horse.
  2. Its already been cleared By IHSAA. You really think teams like Penn, Perry, Yorktown and Mater Dei are going jeopardize thier programs. This situation occurred two years ago and Bobby Cox said as long as there wasn"t any contact from the paid High School coaching staff between the days of Moratorium.
  3. Heard Tonte just picked up the feather to put in his hat.
  4. Won't happen. Molloy can't make weight in the middle of the week.
  5. Move up yeah right. Then u obviously didn't make it to the Perry elementary meet. It's fun to watch cause the ones that weight in for state are usually up a weight class or two.
  6. Some of you coaches might want to come and just watch you'll probably learn something.
  7. Seen several elem teams with 4 plus inactive members on teams. Even kids that live over 30 miles away from the schools. So I say just get rid of the rules.
  8. I am sure Kieffer was thinking the same thing.
  9. I was just going to say something about that. Whoa what a meat grinder. Novice 60
  10. The IHSAA wont do anything about. They made the rule and wont enforce it. So why not cheat and bump your kids down a weight class or two.
  11. Sent my son to one of his camps in IL a few years ago, he has some great front headlocks and set-ups, I'm guessing i can just register thier in the morning of the clinic or do i have to send in the flyer.
  12. There will probably be a tournament that week so they wont feel left out.
  13. If they belong to that school system then i think they do. but if i was a parent and a kid that doesnt train with us comes and takes my kids spot you better believe i'm going to let the coach know that bs.
  14. Your going to have teams that could fill a team bring in better kids in to take the spot of the kid that belongs to the school. I Like the idea of bringing in a report card to make sure they belong to that school system. You really think it would be fair for your club to go against the contenders or red cobra.
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