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  1. Inittodeep

    Isn't it too late to drop weight?

    The IHSAA wont do anything about. They made the rule and wont enforce it. So why not cheat and bump your kids down a weight class or two.
  2. Inittodeep

    Great Wrestling Clinic (Keith Sieracki)

    Sent my son to one of his camps in IL a few years ago, he has some great front headlocks and set-ups, I'm guessing i can just register thier in the morning of the clinic or do i have to send in the flyer.
  3. Or how about schoolboy duals , why so much there is no travel cost
  4. Roundtrip on grayhound $100 to charter a bus with that many wrestlers i would say 30 each
  5. Inittodeep


    When a coach or parent is Upset and go overboard they are warned then kick out of the tournament. What happens when a ref goes overboard and starts yelling at the table help and after that the coaches. Since he is the ref does anybody ever do anything or is it just a slap on the wrist and dont do it again.

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