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  1. [table] Lowell 42 Kankakee Valley 30 [/table]
  2. [table] Lowell 51 Highland 26 [/table]
  3. Lowell, Kankakee Valley, Andrean, Manteno (IL), Perry Meridian JV, Kokomo, Lebanon, Hammond Clark Possible Matchups 113- Cummings (Lowell) vs. Bocock (Lebanon) 145- Hughes (Lowell) vs. VanCamp (Lebanon) 152- Gaddis (Kokomo) vs. Mavros (Lowell) 170- Hughes (Lowell) vs. Ross (Kokomo) 220- Miller (Kokomo) vs. Berdine (Kankakee Valley)
  4. [table] Lowell 48 Hobart 25 [/table]Lowell 48 Hobart 25Notable Results 113- Cummings (L) by fall over Pardus (H) 170- K. Hughes (L) by fall over Sopko (H)
  5. Round 3 Result: Mishawaka 39 Lowell 39 Mishawaka wins on 5th criteria Also, going undefeated for Lowell were: Zac Galvan (106) 3-0 Colton Cummings (106/113) 5-0 Jake Gross (138-145) 5-0 Drew Hughes (138/145) 5-0 Kenny Hughes (160) 5-0
  6. Tomorrow's clinician will be Bobby Joe Maldonado. Bobby Joe was a 4x State Qualifier for East Chicago Central HS. He was also a 3x State Placer and a State Runner-Up that went on to wrestle at Northwestern University and Harper College. Bobby Joe has also been the assistant coach at Munster HS since 2005. Starts at 6pm til 7:30. Enter through Door 17
  7. Unbelievable job my friend.. When I passed these on to you I knew they'd be in good hands and you have not disappointed. You're the best wrestling fan in the state of Indiana. My hats off! -Eric McGill
  8. CP 56 Lowell 21 Portage 42 Lowell 31 Lowell 63 Rensselaer 12
  9. Lowell 56 Kankakee Valley 12 Lowell 78 Andrean 6 Lowell 36 Mooresville 33 Lowell 52 Kokomo 18 Lowell 81 Boone Grove 0
  10. Valparaiso 38 Lowell 30 Lowell 63 Munster 12 Southmont 42 Lowell 22 Lowell 33 Lawrence North 27 Lowell 46 Lafayette Jeff 23
  11. I've been in hiding. Reading only, not posting this year!
  12. In 2006, Aaron Estrada at 119 for Munster started the season losing a wrestle off and starting on the JV and wound up getting better and better as the season went on and finished w/ a 26-17 record and became a SQ out of the Merrillville SS.
  13. How about the #3 team in the nation with 6 returning All-Americans?
  14. My ears were on fire, so I figured I should check IndianaMat.com, and sure enough we're waking up the echoes here with TorchedChair, Dolphaholic, Clive2246, Y2CJ41, and company! Glad to be back.
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