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Everything posted by BrokenTowelRack

  1. BrokenTowelRack

    Crown Point Dec 21st (Brownsburg Added)

    Crown Point is looking to add teams to our Carnahan Invitational this year on December 21st, 2019, as well as for future seasons. This is an individual tournament currently with about 10 Region teams. Brownsburg just signed a contract to join us for this upcoming season. We are looking to expand the field to 16 and strengthen the level of competition going forward. Come to the Region and wrestle the reigning East Chicago Semi-State Champs and the reigning Evansville Semi-State Champs all in the same day! Contact Eric McGill by call or text if interested at 219-242-4486
  2. BrokenTowelRack

    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    Didn't make much sense to me that Heartland Duals (Folkstyle) and USAW Folkstyle Nationals counted as a qualifier but the UWW 15U Freestyle Trials in Omaha didn't count (even though the UWW Junior Nationals counted as did the UWW Cadet Pan Am Trials a.k.a. FloNationals). Sent several emails and text messages back and forth to @dstruck on this, who said he agreed and would follow up with me on this after he spoke with the ISWA, but he quit responding to my requests. Any good reason from anyone in the know with the ISWA that this event didn't count?
  3. BrokenTowelRack

    Impact freshman

    Hendricks County Middle School (03/12 - 03/13/2014) 85 (1st) Quarterfinal - Asa Garcia (Danville) 19-0 won by forfeit over Forfeit (Brownsburg West) 0-1 (For.) Semifinal - Asa Garcia (Danville) 19-0 won by tech fall over Jaxson Thomas (Plainfield) 9-5 (TF-1.5 3:52 (16-1)) 1st Place Match - Asa Garcia (Danville) 19-0 won by decision over Brayden Mahan (Brownsburg East) 22-7 (Dec 7-0)
  4. BrokenTowelRack

    Impact freshman

    Southmont Jr High Conference 2014 (03/15 - 03/15/2014) 85 (1st) Quarterfinal - Asa Garcia (Danville) 19-0 received a bye () (Bye) Semifinal - Asa Garcia (Danville) 19-0 won by fall over Gavyn Warren (Northridge ) 13-6 (Fall 1:48) 1st Place Match - Asa Garcia (Danville) 19-0 won by tech fall over Zack Brown (Southmont) 20-6 (TF-1.5 0:00 (19-4))
  5. BrokenTowelRack

    Impact freshman

    Grizzly Ironman Folkstyle (04/21 - 04/21/2013) Schoolboy/Schoolgirt - 77 (1st) Quarterfinal: Asa Garcia (Danville) over () (Bye) Semifinal: Asa Garcia (Danville) over Dalton Craig (Dupont) (Dec 5-2) 1st Place Match: Asa Garcia (Danville) over Andrew Black (New Castle) (Dec 3-0)
  6. BrokenTowelRack

    Impact freshman

    No doubt Slivka and Rodgers had ties to Catholic school before Cathedral. A clarification could also be made for Littell, as he went to Center Grove in elementary and middle school before enrolling at Perry and then transferring back to CG. My point is that people move around and this does not in any way diminish how special it is for these 8 kids to win a state championship, as the poster from Chesterton alluded to. Everyone is doing what is best for their family. Whether that is Slivka moving from Shenandoah back to Cathedral, Rodgers listing Noblesville as his home on his Trackwrestling profile and attending Cathedral, or Littell going back to CG after a short stint at Perry.
  7. BrokenTowelRack

    Impact freshman

    My point is each family should do what they think is best for their kid, both in what school to attend and what grade to enter in. A few kids moved and a few kids are a little older. Who cares? Everyone is just trying to do what is best for their own families. Best of luck to all these kids. Many talented kids in this class.
  8. BrokenTowelRack

    Impact freshman

    I think that annually this is one of the silliest topics on the message board, where instead of making it about the impact freshmen, we see venom from people who are angry that some of these families moved to another district for a better opportunity in life for their child. I can assure you that the following 8 kids did not feel any less "SPECIAL" when they got their hand raised Saturday night because they did not win for their original community or first high school: Brennen Cernus- Columbus, OH Jacob Moran- Crown Point Brayden Littell- Perry Meridian Jesse Mendez- Lake Central Asa Garcia- Danville Elliott Rodgers- Noblesville Jordan Slivka- Shenandoah Nick South- Jennings County Additionally, I think the "redshirt" argument is way overdone. As the poster above mentioned, one kid could be born in July and the other in August of the same year and they will be in different grades. If the parent of the kid who is born in July holds their child back, they are one month older and now in the same grade as the kid born in August. Not much of an advantage. I think it is more telling to go through the list of 12 kids and see what year they are on the USA Wrestling calendar as they finish up middle school. This paints a much better picture. Lemley- 1st year Cadet Schoeff- 1st year Cadet Purdy- 1st year Cadet Frazier- 2nd year Cadet Carroll- 2nd year Cadet Gilbert- 1st year Cadet Lowery- 1st year Cadet Goin- 1st year Cadet Goodwin- 2nd year Cadet Steenbeke- 1st year Cadet Jones- 1st year Cadet Willems- 1st year Cadet
  9. BrokenTowelRack

    State Tickets

    They are available in the TIKATAP app, though only 1 session at a time. I don't see an option to buy all sessions. You can download the app on your phone and purchase them in app by searching for IHSAA. They look to be $8 per session and there is an $0.80 fee per session for buying in the app.
  10. BrokenTowelRack

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    I'm honored to be nominated. I nominate: My Sidekick from Day 1: TorchedChair Blake Harner Super-Fan: Robbie Newkirk MisterHappyPantz "Who Should Keep the Bus Running"- HOWDOG75
  11. BrokenTowelRack


  12. BrokenTowelRack


    Lake Central
  13. BrokenTowelRack

    Al Smith dates?

    Friday and Saturday, December 29th and 30th.
  14. BrokenTowelRack

    4x Semi State Champs

    I was only a 3x Semi-State Champion (freshman, junior, and senior). Missed sophomore year to shoulder surgery. I actually won more semi-states than regionals. Only a 2x Regional Champion, freshman and junior year. (sophomore year was the shoulder surgery and a loss to Cosgrove senior year)
  15. BrokenTowelRack

    I'll miss comparing Black-Rumph to Ramos-Bradbury

    Thanks for sharing! One of the most memorable matches I've ever seen at the Merrillville Semi-State. It definitely left a lasting impression on 10 year old me at the time. I scored it 13-12 for Bradbury. Is that what everyone else had?
  16. BrokenTowelRack

    Sectional seeding

    Who remembers this.... http://indianamat.com/index.php/topic/43859-seed-this/ #TeamBCA #BaptistBeaters
  17. BrokenTowelRack

    BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    Another excellent choice.
  18. BrokenTowelRack

    BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    Last season was no contest. It was a landslide victory for Lafayette Harrison's War on the Wabash. This year, however, without the Oreo pudding at Harrison, I've got to give the nod to the Lake County Tournament at Hanover Central due to the roasted garlic potatoes.
  19. BrokenTowelRack


    River Forest
  20. BrokenTowelRack

    Colton Cummings of Lowell commits to

    Congratulations to a great kid who is very deserving of this honor! I'm sure he will continue to make Indiana proud at the next level and beyond.
  21. BrokenTowelRack


    Crown Point
  22. BrokenTowelRack


  23. BrokenTowelRack


    Kankakee Valley
  24. BrokenTowelRack


  25. BrokenTowelRack


    Hammond Clark

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