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Posts posted by Ed Pendoski

  1. RTC will still be going on tomorrow!


    Jake Suflohn will be our clinicain!  


    Coach Suflohn is in his first year coaching at Purdue after being a 4 X NCAA qualifier for Nebraska!


    Starts at 6:45!

  2. With Sparta dropping their tourney, Carmel will host a last chance qualifying tourney named "Last Chance Qualifier to Declare My Dad is Tougher Than Your Dad" or simply called LAQTDMDISTTYD. 


    The winner of this tourney will win the honor of saying their dad must be tougher than their opponents because they won because only kids with tough dads can win. 


    Entry fee is $10.  We will weigh before our RTC at 6:30 and have matches after RTC. (RTC is still no charge if you are not entering LAQTDMDISTTYD).  We will block kids into 3 man brackets and wrestle round robin matches. 


    Please note that your dad does not have to be there to be declared tougher than your opponent's dad. 


    6:30 registration and matches will begin around 7:30.


    Contact Ed Pendoski if you have any questions.





  3. .....anyone ever notice that you never see Luke Welch next to Doug Welch? 


    We see The Chad next to Doug all the time. I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as Luke Welch, it's just Doug after he found a treadmill and got smaller.

  4. Tomorrow's RTC is looking to be another great one.  


    Our clinician will be Scott Hinkel.  Scott was longtime coach at Purdue as well as a monster maker at East Chicago back in the early 90's.  Rumor on the street is that he also spread some magic in some room in Lafayette this past winter!


    Coach Hinkel is always great to be around.  It's looking like the same group of hammers are going to be back in the room again.  It's is a blast watching this group of guys train.


    6:45-8:15 in the Blue Room!

  5. It was awesome last night!  Thanks to Coach Davison for showing great stuff.  He's still in my top 5 guys I like to watch teach wrestling!


    The live wrestling was awesome.  50+ guys in the room!


    Black, Mattingly getting whopped by Schroeder!  Penola, Eiteljorge Webster, Allred, Davison, Davison rotating with Tyrell Todd, Jake Morrisey.


    Streck also put it on The Chad so bad that we had to give him a breaking board shirt!

  6. Rumor on the street is that Luke broke one morning after being called Little Welch and after a glorious battle, he knocked Doug's tooth out and then he slapped Chad so many times that he lost his equilibrium and shouldn't be allowed to drive now.

  7. Carmel RTC looking to like be most competitive we've had so far!


    Coach Davison from Chesterton is coming to teach for a bit and has a couple guys built just like him coming with him.


    Also know some of the Purdue room is also coming down for this one! I'm thinking The Chad might give up his first TD!

    Coach Todd and Devin Schroeder

    3x Michigan state champ, flo national champ and Christian Brunner

    Ncaa qualifier, big ten placer

  8. We will be back at it this week for our RTC.  This week's clinician will be Wabash coaching staff.  Along with their staff, they are bringing quite a few of their guys to come wrestle with us. Should make a great room greater!  6:45-8:15 in the Blue Room

  9. CUSAWC is hosting this year's World Chamionships of the World Freestyle Duals on Saturday and Sunday.  Duals start at 10:00 each day.  Each tourney is a qualifier for freestyle state. Grades 7-12


    Apparently the Russians had 10 guys miss the plane here, so they're looking for replacements in the following weights:












    Email me (in English please) and let me know if you'd like to help fill a spot on the Russian team and what day.  In the past years, each guys averages around 5-6 matches a day and we're done by 2. 


    Ed Pendoski



  10. The national scene has been way over saturated the past 10 years. Everyone likes to call their events "nationals" when only a few states enter.

    I agree that there are many 'national' tournaments across the country these days, but there is still only 1 World Championships of the World tournament.  April 8th and 9th at CHS.  Dreams will be made in the Carmel wrestling room as guys earn the right to declare themselves on the All-Earth team and only 1 team can earn the most coveted trophy on the planet.

  11. You are absolutely right with the amount of matches in a day.


    Where it becomes impossible is if you have four mats.  The semi state would be from 9:00am through 11:00pm. 


    Here's the question I'm trying to ask our association.  Would we rather have:


    A) 4 regional qualifiers to regionals

    B) 3 regional qualifiers to make semi state potential wrestlebacks possible

  12. Got it and I agree with the 3 week state tourney series, but that's a different conversation than this one.


    If we keep 16 man brackets, it is impossible to have wrestle backs.  It would be against NHSF Rules for having more than 5 matches in a day.


    Given a choice would we prefer 12 man brackets and wrestle backs from the quarters or would we prefer 16 man brackets?



    I personally wouldn't be in favor of moving to 3 kids qualifying.  Sounds like something only Indiana would do.   


    Are you saying you'd rather include the 4th place finishers at regionals knowing that 93% of them didn't qualify and not start the discussion now how do we stop 60% of the weight classes don't get the best four because of random draw?


    Up until around 10 years ago the semi state had 12 man brackets.  


    Would our association be in favor of bringing 12 man brackets back into discussion?

  14. That is changing variables.  I'm not sure those guys that lost in the ticket round finished 4th in the regional the year before, and we're not talking about advancement the year after! 


    Stay on task friends! (which is very close to getting to question #7)

  15. Thank you scrambled legs for opening the door to question 4 (you skipped #3, but I'll make sure we come back to that one!)


    Let's take a look at specific reasons IHSAA wants "things"


    Fairness of our sport and teams they govern

    Keeping in alignment with the rest of sports they govern  

    They do have to make money


    I am quick to get frustrated with decisions the IHSAA makes, but always try to look at things from their perspective, and almost every time I can see where they are coming from. 


    Question 4:

    How can we, as an association, present the info in a way that shows fairness, doesn't mess with other sports asking for the same thing, and doesn't cost the association loss in revenue?

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