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  1. A few years back when we were in the thick of it,it was normal for us to have to travel 1.5 hours or more to hit a tournament.We live bout 25 miles south of Terre Haute so to get good competition we traveled weekly.We actually enjoyed the treks,a lot great conversations on those trips.
  2. I thought the fairgrounds were a good place for the fights for the fans.Other than it being a lil windy the weather wasn't an issue. Results: Nicholas Alston Jason Trusty Submission 1st 0:26 Justin Potter Daniel Eversole TKO/RSC 2nd 1:03 John Faith Bryan Bowers Submission 1st 1:31 Cassondra Palmer Ashley Deckard TKO/RSC 1st 2:59 Michael Massey, Jr. Dillion Lemons TKO/RSC 1st 0:43 Aaron Ravellette John Walker Submission 2nd 1:28 Kevin Snider Mason Miller Submission 1st 0:57 Oscar Castaneda Chris Quinton Submission 1st 1:22 Shane Sumner John Luttrell, III Submission 1st 2:34 Brandon Ravellette Bradley Jewel, Jr. TKO/RSC 1st 2:15 Jonathan Cope Coty Bedwell Submission 1st 2:07 Jeremy Stoneberger Joseph Kline TKO/RSC 1st 1:06 Ryan Boger Gary Rhoades, Jr. Submission 1st 0:37 Kolt Schurz Brock Luenebrink Submission 1st 2:58 Christopher Wanke Ronnie Willoughby TKO/RSC 1st 0:30 James Mottershead Casey Clark TKO/RSC 1st 0:15
  3. KNOX COUNTY KNOCK OUT FIGHT CARD John Walker vs Aaron Ravellette Shane Sumner vs John Lutrell Chris Quinton vs Seth Shade TBA vs Joana Land Mason Miller vs Kevin Snider Brandon Ravellette vs Brad Jewel John Faith vs Bryan Bowers Dillion Lemons vs Mike Massey Jason Trusty vs Nick Alston Nathan Fox vs Greg McCoy Joey Kline vs Jeremy Stoneberger Ashley Deckerd vs Kasandra Palmer TBA vs Johnathan Cope TITLE FIGHTS Dan Eversole vs Justin Potter Gary Rhodes vs Ryan Boger I believe this is the fight order I will be adding a few more fights this week and will update the weight classes when I get all info Ticket Prices Cageside $20 General Admission $15 Tickets available @ Papa Johns on 6th St. in Vincennes or at the the fair where a booth will be set up to sell tickets
  4. Arrow77

    Ricky Furrar MMA

    Furrar fought a great fight and exhibited fine sportsmanship from all that I witnessed...Nice Job
  5. Beatdown in V-town III Vincennes,IN. June 30th 1330 S. 16th St(Old 84 Lumber Yard) Main Event Super Bout Ricky Furar vs Brandon Clawson 205 GE Title Wade Collins vs Jeremy Stoneberger 185 GE Title Chris Sprinkle vs Chad Cobb 155 GE Title Ryan Boger vs Byran Shanes 145 GE Title Kramer Sweeten vs Mike Schrader 155 Indiana State Title Zach Lile vs Nathan Adams 135 GE Title Joey Thompson vs Cory Fisher 135 GP Title Josh Callison vs Ethan McQueen Undercard Nick Fraley vs Justin Potter Edward Aud vs Brandon Shannon Coty Bedwell vs Kolt Schurz Casey Clark vs Jabrille Breezy Abdel-Halim Oscar Castaneda vs Joey Kline RESULTS: Carmello Furar over Brandon Clawson Submission 1st 1:56 [detail] Joey Thompson over Cory Fisher Submission 2nd 0:40 [detail] Kramer Sweeten over Mike Schrader Submission 3rd 1:09 [detail] Ryan Boger over Bryan Shanes TKO/RSC 1st 0:22 [detail] Chad Cobb over Christopher Sprinkle KO 3rd 0:09 [detail] Nathan Adams over Daniel Eversole Submission 1st 1:11 [detail] Wade Collins over Kain West TKO/RSC 2nd 0:30 [detail] Joshua Callison over Ethan McQueen TKO/RSC 2nd 0:25 [detail] Kolt Schurz over Coty Bedwell Submission 1st 1:48 [detail] Justin Potter over Nicholas Fraley KO 1st 1:38 [detail] Oscar Castaneda over Joseph Kline TKO/RSC 3rd 1:28 [detail] Daniel Aud over Brandon Shannon Submission 1st 2:31 [detail] Jeremy Stoneberger over Ralph Hodges, Jr. Submission 2nd 0:50 [detail] Justin White over Aaron Ravellette Submission 1st 2:55 [detail] Jabrille Abdel-Halim over Casey Clark Submission 1st 1:01
  6. Arrow77

    Ricky Furrar MMA

    We'll see how all that goes than....it might be a good fight
  7. Arrow77

    Ricky Furrar MMA

    Thanks for the links....I didn't see anything in those videos that one could call any acts of cockiness....Looked like a confident fighter....of course maybe things happened that didnt get taped?... I always have appreciated those competitors that show class no matter what the outcome....Showmanship and smack talk should be reserved for the actors of professional wrestling. Nick thanks again for the links....if you find anymore please post them
  8. Arrow77

    Ricky Furrar MMA

    Is there any video on the web?I'd like to see a fight or two of his.
  9. GE Fights(griggsentertainment.net) is putting on another entertaining night of fights. 301 Blackman St. Clinton In. Ticket Prices- $20 General Admission $35 V.I.P. Seating Tickets on Sale @Cottrells Fitness Corner in Clinton Also: VInce Marrietta (812)230-3469 Ralph Falconbury Warrior Concepts-Robinson,Ill. (812)396-8268 All fighters have tickets for sale as well Scheduled bouts: Pro Title Fights Main Event 170 lb Tony Ledbetter vs Matthew Cooper Co-Main Event 265lb Steve Campbell vs Cory Moon Amatuer Title Fights GE Fights Title 145lb Blayze Rodgers vs Andrew Clay Indiana State Title 170 lb Bryant West vs Mike McDonald Indiana State Title 185lb Chris Sprinkle vs Stephen Powers UnderCard Michael Sliva vs Dan Burton Ronny Capps vs Matt Bartlett Mike Schrader vs Timothy Thomas Shan Bowers vs Justin Vandivier Coty Bedwell vs Allanta Williams Caleb Wainman vs Zack Eversole Jonathon Cope vs TBD
  10. Awesome.....Tell him Great Job for us
  11. Arrow77


    Congrats Drew!...... Sorry your guy didn't show up.....let us know when the next fight is.....I might just wheel on down to Evansville to cheer you guys on.....
  12. Arrow77


    Did the fights happen?.....How'd Drew do?
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