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  1. I may be slightly biased...but Webster from North Montgomery at 220 has been on fire this post season. He's pinned everyone from sectional to semi-state including Irick from HSE, Young from Franklin Central and in the semi-state championship against Cornwell from Elwood after he got the takedown in the 1st OT. He will definitely make some noise this weekend. 220 will be fun to watch.
  2. Twins Jake and Josh Lowe from North Montgomery
  3. Sooo if a coach has a print out of all of the brackets..would it be a violation of IHSAA rules to inform the public and/or media of your wrestlers' seeds before Friday morning?
  4. The Sagamore Conference tournament that was postponed from last Saturday to this Saturday has been moved to Friday and has also been moved from North Montgomery to Frankfort High School. Start time will be 5 pm.
  5. They claim that rule is referring to a transfer student. I even copied and pasted that word for word into the email.
  6. That’s how I read it in the bylaws. IHSAA is giving me another answer.
  7. Here’s my next question then...If a wrestler is temporarily ineligible because he has yet to get 10 practices in, is he able to still weigh in at a meet/tournament to record a qualifying weigh in even though he cannot compete?
  8. Does anyone know, off the top of their head, how many matches a kid has to wrestle in the regular season to be eligible for the Sectional?
  9. North Montgomery
  10. North Montgomery
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