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Everything posted by Wrestlingaddict101

  1. Dang that sucks. He was my pick to win it next weekend.
  2. 106-Moran 113-Boarman 120-Watts 126-Viduya 132-Rooks 138-Mulkey 145-Mcintosh 152-Lee 160-Mappes 170-Warren 182-Walton 195-Davison 220-Parris 285-Pokorney
  3. I agree but need a little more organization. The kids that are beginners haven't been to many tournaments if any at all. And them not having a coach or not having any clue when there kid is about to wrestle kind of sucks lol. Kids that are 5 years old have tons of family coming and they are all completely lost. Again I like the concept of it and it can be very beneficial to some kids but you have to work out some things definitely. And have to have you're refs and table help on the same page as you. There was 1 big running clock. They did three 1 minute periods. Well I can't tell you how many times today kids weren't ready or we were looking for kids and the match had already started. Can't have 1 big clock for every mat and expect every mat to start at the same time. No blood time. No injury time. There were some good things but man what a mess.
  4. Chesterton was terrible. Had kids there for over 8 hours and only wrestle twice. So can't compare this penn tournament to the chesterton tournament lol (Also chesterton had like 540 kids penn had 210 a lot easier to run with that many less kids). Huntington was a really good tournament today bracket format like normal and ive had text from parents that there kid wrestled 5 times and is already done. Im just mentioning this because I heard quite a few parents today saying how happy they were to get out of there at 12:30 today don't get me wrong I was as well but getting out of there at 2-3 isn't bad either I just think Chesterton left a bad taste in some peoples mouth lol. Not all bracket tournaments take 12 hours lol
  5. It was nice how quick it went and how many matches kids got. But my kid did not like the whole not keeping score thing at all. There are a TON of things to improve on if you're going to do this... Some refs didn't know they were supposed to be giving takedown points etc... Also the whole everyone gets a medal thing I don't agree with... passing out 1st place medals just because you participated. It was nice to see the kids get a lot more mat time than normal but if all tournaments went this route we will be heading to michigan
  6. I know but I would rather just see him redshirt this year I think it would help him
  7. I wish they wouldn't of pulled his redshirt. I know he can make some noise and AA this year but would like to see if he could win a couple titles and I think he has a better chance at that if he redshirts his freshman year like Red did.
  8. Dang man. Why not if you don't mind me asking? You seem to be doing a great job lol
  9. Fabio you said next year you would be part time what did you mean?
  10. Yea no doubt. It cracks me up how on one thread were talking about Fattore walking through state and then the next were talking about Brewer having no competition in state. All while Warren is sitting back ranked #1 and having a great season. 170 should be fun at state.
  11. Curtis brothers... 1. Rooks 2. Warren. 3. Gimson.
  12. Curious to see the new updated rankings. Should be some changes after this past week of wrestling!
  13. Appreciate the show! Couldn't watch it live but went back and watched it
  14. I meant no disrespect to Brayden at all the kid is an absolute stud and you should be proud! I can only hope that my kids come close to reaching his potential/accolades
  15. I was just using Mills as an example. I also like the older Rooks brother I don't necessarily think Cayden is better than Graham he just happened to be better on a more important day lol. But as far as Mills goes yes I agree his 2 losses last weekend hurt his P4P ranking but my point is he has a 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd and had Cayden beat last year and Cayden pulled it out that match could of went either way. Wasn't disagreeing with your rankings just bringing up a point of view lol. Last year Cayden and mills were even imo. But Mills placed 2nd as a freshman lol. I don't think Brayden Curtis who is on the same level as Hunter Watts but so happened to be at 106 is better than a Nathan Walton/Blake Mulkey/Davison/Mcintosh
  16. Tough question with people like Ty Mills taking 2nd, 3rd, 2nd... I see Cayden Rooks ranked in someones rankings but he only placed once (state champ though) and barely beat mills who has placed 3 times. Graham Rooks has placed high 3 times and ranked #1 this year. I'll make my list tomorrow I need some time to sleep on this one lol. I know right now though no way im putting Brayden Curtis that high
  17. I bought Team State yesterday on track and I can't figure out how to go back and watch some of the matches? Typically when you buy a tournament on track you can go back and watch the matches??? Can anyone help me out?
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