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Everything posted by Wrestlingaddict101

  1. Zeke beat eldred this year 10-3 I don’t think he will tech him. Mendez with a pin. Zeke just wins and everyone else loses then CP wins lol. Zeke needs a major
  2. Cathedral favored in 1, underdog in 1, and toss up in 1 lol
  3. They weren't to far behind but hollendonner with the upset over Levitz was huge. Might be to far behind now.
  4. Yes but it was sooo close. Right as time expired
  5. Goin with late takedown and back points and Roberson with late takedown was huge for Crown Point, wasn't looking good for either of them with a minute left.
  6. They beat them in 2 big matches. I still think Mater Dei gets 2 champs and the score will be close at the end. If walker doesn't get hurt Parkinson finishes top 4 and it would be a different story. Can't count Cathedral out now hell there in 1st. Baumann really hurt MD. Hollendonner getting the pin in the 1st round while losing by 1 was HUGE. A lot of should of could of's, very close race and fun to watch hats off to all 3 teams. I just keep bringing up Parkinson because that was awful luck with Walker getting hurt and then drawing into him.
  7. Crown Point and Mater Dei with 6 each moving on. I thought Hayhurst and Baumann would both move on but both faded at the end. Going into saturday im leaning towards Crown Point now. I think Parkinson drawing into Walker really hurt Mater Dei, Parkinson would of finished high. Not a fan of how the team state title is decided anymore...
  8. Yea I agree but hayhurst is ranked 9th so him placing isn’t a huge deal, parkinson is ranked 3rd and gets the #1 in the state. Tough draw. If parkinson doesn’t draw walker he probably earns a bunch of teams points for mater dei
  9. If Walker is healthy Parkinson drawing into him hurts mater dei’s chances. My favorite before the brackets was Mater Dei... I wonder how draws throughout the brackets are going to help/hurt teams in the race.
  10. Excited to watch mason over the next 3 years! I remember when people shamed me on this forum for saying mason parris and gable were the same level. Nooooo Gable is world level, well guess what so is mason!
  11. Does anyone know how I can watch the big 10’s? Flo wrestling? Big ten network? Track wrestling?
  12. Jordan Slivka is a gamer what a match
  13. Will the finals be on ihsaatv.org again? or ihsaa.org whatever it is lol
  14. Really wanted to see Conner vs tyce in the semis...
  15. brutal draws at 126. Watts and Mendez on the same side and peele/curtis first round
  16. click on schedule and replays it should be the top link
  17. Bates over Laplace 3-2.Sucks for Laplace bad draw at regionals and then semi state. Close matches and could of gone either way at regionals and semi state. Has beat Brown and Bates this year and their going to state. Feel for the kid.
  18. Rodriguez edges out Moreno. But I feel for Moreno got called for a slam that I thought was a bad call. So they don't give Moreno the takedown and give Rodriguez a point plus Rodriguez was dead tired and Moreno was pushing the pace completely changed the match and if it wasn't for that call I think Moreno wins. Great jonesy tilt by Rodriguez though for the big move of the match.
  19. Garcia and Moran’s losses were both out of state as well
  20. I completely agree! I also like to hear the whistles, noise, etc. I heard a little bit of foul language here and there but I thought it went great. I wasn't able to make the trip to Fort. Wayne this year and was very thankful and pleased to be able to watch it on track. Please don't let a few bad apples or a few complaining make up your mind. Thank you for everything you did.
  21. I believe Fabio is talking about the mulkey match where mulkey got hit for stalling late in the match in the semifinals
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