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  1. Ha. You guys missed the irony. I'm also on my phone so I don't know if the goofy emoji came thru. I just don't think you do water down the single greatest high school event. Especially after another sport did the same thing to pretty noticeable results. So if you guys would like a few hundred in the gym for "small school State", a "big school state" held at perhaps New Castle or Southport or UIndy, then have at it. But I'm just failing to see a problem. It's not all about championships. Perhaps there should be some value in placing in a sectional or regional. I grant you t
  2. Yes that's exactly it. You've convinced me. What Indiana needs is 6 classes and much bigger trophies. That way the kids will feel extra special and more will participate!
  3. Good points above, sounds like they have been argued as nasueum before so nothing to really add. One argument I have yet to see made however is the same argument I had about class basketball. I happened to be the last class that ever played single class basketball, and was asked to give a "player's opinion" way back when. Too much emphasis is put on the "ultimate" win (state finals) than what is just as much of a storyline...which is the cinderlla that may beat a big guy for a sectional title. This is antecodtal evidence, but Tri West is a consolidation of 3 small Hendricks cou
  4. I don't have time to do the research at the moment, but my hypothesis is that your stats on State Qualifiers would seem to prove my point. How is that? Well...I would venture to say that 65% of IHSAA wrestlers go to 3A schools, 26% go to 2A schools, and 9% go to 1A schools. In other words, if those 2 figures match up (overall wrestling population by school vs. state finals participation) then that would seem to say that where you go to school doesn't matter. If the Ellis kid from Eastern went to Ben Davis, Penn, or Warren Central...that kid is still going to win state. What am I
  5. I am totally new, and therefore totally unqualified and I haven't participated in previous discussions / debates...but if the argument is that class wrestling would increase participation that would seem to be totally illogical. Of any sport that I have seen, you either love to wrestle or you don't. I really don't think expecting a "successful state run" will matter much to a 14-18 year old kid making a choice to wrestle. And of any sport there is...wrestling is the ultimate meritocracy. It does not matter where you are from...if you can beat the guy in front of you then you advanc
  6. Should also add...while "our team" won its first state title and I was incredibly proud of the entire team, coaches, and parents...and you won't find a nicer kid than B Lee and seeing what he did was awesome... My favorite moment of the entire day was when I finally got a chance to see Slick Rickie after his match and give him a big ole bear hug and tell him how proud I was of him...and I'm not a hugger. LOL. It gave me a small glimpse and appreciation of what every single one of those parents must have felt seeing their son on the floor of BLF, no matter where their son might have fi
  7. You will not find a better kid than Rickie Clark. I've had the pleasure of coaching him in football the last 3 years, and he's just one of those people that is a joy to be around. I literally lost my voice that match, and was so happy for the freaky and sneaky athletic Rickie. Samuels was one of my favorites from last year...and watching him destroy people on the gridiron was fun too (except against us). While I normally hate the saying...I will pull it out in the rare instance. There were no losers in that matchup. As a side note, my prediction is we see Rickie as a comedian, t
  8. I have a beginner in 5th grade. He does our club and an academy because even though he's new, he's fallen in love with the sport. Neither the club nor the academy has been anything but a great experience...even if he (and his family) are as green as they come to the sport. And the improvement that has come from having to bring his lunchpail to the academy every practice has been immense. Proud of #TheCounty and #PainTrain . My kid might be the epitome of what building a program is about, because even if he never becomes "elite" or even wrestles at the high school...he's at least
  9. I've seen some mention in this thread about Trackwrestling profile being "manipulated". My son and I are new to the sport...he just started in November as a 5th grader and has had some moderate success...but even moreso he loves the sport after playing hoops his whole life. As I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, but what the sport teaches is so much more important than his record at this point. We've registered in some "beginner" tournaments where it was rather obvious his opponent was far from a beginner...yet their track profile would read "0-0". That's no problem, I believe you do
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