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  1. Who are some wrestlers that are low ranked or unranked that really impressed you in this post season? I know Gee from Shenandoah is on that list. He wrestled out of his mind at semi-state
  2. This has been changed. My spreadsheet counted 19 but I forgot the title cell at the top. Any opinions on wrestlers that could end their season without being taken down? Are there others that have yet to be taken down?
  3. Where does this put him on the most points scored against ranking? 250 is quite a lot
  4. So I went through name by name and found the 2 I missed Clay Jones because it was under Clayton Jones on rankings and Hunter Reed because it got autocorrected to Hunter Red. Thanks for pointing that out
  5. Worst record:0.526 (show this to kids that don't believe that record doesn't matter) 55 unranked wrestlers are wrestling at bankers life this weekend. That's about a quarter of those wrestling. (.2455357143 to be exact) There are exactly 18 undefeated wrestlers going into the tournament Freshmen: 18 Sophomores:29 Juniors:70 Seniors:107 There are 6 previous champions 133 wrestlers with no previous state experience Average record %: .887 Here's to a great weekend of wrestling! I hope you guys enjoy these stats.
  6. Any picks for best match-up? I'm thinking Green and Torbush will be one of the top matches of the day.
  7. 106: Curtis, Abbott, West, Evens 113: Todd, Hoover, Winans, Tighe 120: Stephenson, Tinsman, Schliessman, Thomas 126: Curtis, Hale, Blackburn, Lloyd 132: Hunt, Schliessman, Meiring, Muzzarielli 138: Heistand, Love, Jones, Cooper 145: Barr, Prescott, Richardson, Leonard 152: Rutter, Green, Torbush, Moore 160: Laughlin, Huser, Bell, Wills 170: Pease/Hayden(toss up), Hicks, Jimenez 182: Gray, Sanchez, Calvert, Richard's 195: Maxwell, Watson, Alley, Minton (where is Reyes?) 220: Maddox, Parsons, Campbell, Finch ummm 285: Rhoades, Shaffer, Dunn, Eileen
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