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  1. Congrats to the Boilermakers 5th place finish. 2 Finalists and 8 national qualifiers is outstanding. This was a hell of a tournament for Purdue. Im predicting, Purdue will end the All-American drought in two weeks. I think 3 or 4 All-Americans at NCAAs. I guess it takes some break through the ceiling, but Ersland did that this weekend. His first 5 years looked like the same old Purdue, near the bottom of the Big 12. I kind of expected the same status quo. But this year they look formidable. They were just behind a down Penn State, but the Boilers were competing with the Nitany Lions, and that's saying something. I hope Ersland leverages this success in the recruiting process.
  2. So you're saying a high school in Indiana will have its own gym with really good seating for wrestling fans , and not have to share a basketball court? What you talkin about Willis?
  3. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-02-27/ncaa-reveals-qualifier-allocations-2020-ncaa-di-wrestling With the allocations, what are Purdue's wrestlers chances of making the NCAA. Possibly 7 or even 8 on a good day wrestling. Lydy, Bruner, Schroder, Coleman would get wild cards and are locks. Penola probably would get wildcard too. Fillius, Parriott and Lyon all are going to have to wrestle to get in and cant afford an upset. Should be a fun day.
  4. Hope about giving the small town coaches a chance to win a championship and having there wrestlers a chance to win a championship. That might keep them around..
  5. That's a good point. They wrestle the same Indiana schools and don't join the IHSAA do to some religious beliefs. Since this is not an IHSAA event, why exclude them. I guess on the flip side, they don't state sectional, regional and SS points so makes them difficult to compare. But could you make an exception on the vote in.
  6. Possible compromise to get best of both worlds: The Grand State Compromise method Back in my home state of Kansas, a well known "drink the class wrestling cool aid state", actually once upon a time came up with a method to have a one class champion like Indiana and have individual class champions. It was like having your cake and eating it to. They did it as follows: 1.They had their normal state championship with 4 divisions (6A, 5A, 4A, 321A) and took two weeks to wrestle. They placed 4 places in each division. Each class had its champions and placers, so business like normal. Yes, they had wrestle backs. 2. In week 3, the 16 state placers from all four divisions were invited to a "Grand State". The format was the 4th placer finisher drew a 1st place finisher from another division. I think the divisions were randomly drawn Like the 6a state champ would wrestle the 1-2-3A 4th place finisher. (It was 4 vs 1 and 2 vs 3). When tournament was done, you had your Kansas state champion (unclassed). I believe they did it in 1976 and 1977. It was quite popular, but the reason it failed was it was the coaches felt it was too much time and money to put another week in the season and the additional travel costs to travel to a central location. Indiana could do this and get it done in the same four week schedule they currently have. I know a knew paradigm. I know people would say it fair proportionally to have 4 wrestlers from the big class and 4 from the small class. Maybe a compromise would be top 5 go from the big class and top 3 from the small class. The Scholar is submitting ideas as solutions, not complaints.
  7. 1. There are a handful of cases, where some varsity B/JV kids that could qualify for state. The Blue Chippers like Brownsburg, Cathedral, Warren, EMD are deep and there 2nd string could make state. But rare. I do recall about 5 years ago, Penn had a good kid behind Osborne and other state quality level kids and the kid wrestled Varsity B all year. But next year was wrestling on a college team beating state placers. @UncleJimmy or @M109R know the kid. 2. Back to the original point, if a rule allowed for schools to enter two kids. The big programs would have a lot of varsity B kids placing at sectional and regional and would squeeze out the small schools. Maybe the elite wrestlers small schools would make it through, but this would take out tons of 1A and 2a regional and SS qualifiers. Check the scores of the Varsity B teams and they end up wrestling small programs and win more than they lose.
  8. Time for Winamac to lobby the "Committee of Power". Maybe throw in some free passes to Fair Oaks and some Fair Oaks Ice free Ice Cream coupons.
  9. Most of these states don't think there's too many. But Ill admit they don't have a board like IndianaMat to keep to give them relative info to base a good opinion on.
  10. This is core DNA thought in Indiana. In all Individual sports, the competitor is equal and has no disadvantage or advantage dependent of what school you go to. You have the same chance to win no matter if you go to Carmel or if you go to Frontier high school. This goes the same for all Individual sports: Tennis, Track, Swimming, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Golf. On the flip, in team sports the thought is the more participants you have that go out for football, the more likely you're team will be equivalently better. This is very much true, and is proven by the data shown.
  11. Wyoming is not called the Equality State for nothing. Everybody gets a chance to place there.
  12. So you're talking about the watered down ratio. Well Kansas isn't the worst with 1 class per 728K population Wyoming has 3 classes per 573K population or 1 class per 191K. That's equivalent to 34 classes in Indiana. Montana has 3 classes per 1Mmm or 1 per 334K or equivalent to 20 classes in Indiana. Oklahoma has 4 per 3.94 Million or 1 per 985K. Nebraska has 4 per 1.91Mmm or 1 per 475k or or equivalent to 14 classes in Indiana. Oregon has 5 classes in about 4 million population. Georgia is class crazy with most at 7 classes. There population is 10 Million or 1 class per 1.4 million or 5 classes in Indiana.
  13. two years in a row, the scholar causes the class wrestling debate to go viral on Indianamat. You're welcome.
  14. That's easy Joe. The big schools would monopolize more and small schools would be squeezed out I bet small school placing would be cut in half.
  15. So they didn't want a thumping again from an Indiana School. Sounds legit to me. I wonder what @Doctorwrestling thinks about that.
  16. Wasn't it Portage that went to a dual tournament at Detroit Central Catholic a few years ago. I think they had a stacked team, I don't remember if they won or not but they competed well. Does have the results? I think the top teams like Cathedral, Brownsburg and Mater Dei would compete well against a lot of the National teams in range of to 11- to 50 and the Indiana teams get a little under rated in the national rankings.
  17. What would help wrestling, if the IHSAA let one of the Indiana nationally ranked basketball teams to compete in a big national tournament with teams from California or Florida. Then we could ride there coattails, and get some teams in the Ironman, then get some attention. Im glad to see there is some possible movement on competing against national teams as long as Indiana doesn't travel under 300. EHS Coach, that's a good perspective on why the IHSAA doesn't allow the travel. That would be a huge carrot to a young athlete to have the opportunity and fun to travel to a national tournament. I could see kids transferring for any sport (basketball, football, wreslting or even Softball or track).
  18. The 10 Guys from Indiana are really high mostly higher ranked guys (Paris, Red, Lee). But this does show the lack of depth in Indiana and as to why not a top 10 wrestling state. Ive heard in the past that this stat is schewed to favor or give advantage for states with more D1 wrestling programs like Pennsylvania, Ohio, NY and Michigan. But check states like Georgia, Colorado and Missouri. Colorado and Mizzou have 1 program each and Georgia doesn't have at all and they are still beating Indiana. Its too complicated to blame class wrestling.
  19. https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/2019-di-ncaa-qualifiers-w-home-states-and-hometowns/72211 I think an objective stat to objectively compare states is the NCAA qualifier by state. The report doesn't summarize it but you can see what state dominate. I think its representative because it shows how much high end talent comes out. The top 3 states are Pennsylvania, New Jersey then Ohio. These are consistently your top 3 states for qualifiers. Illinois and Minnesota New York have a lot of qualifiers. I wish i had a way to summarize this but Indiana had 8 last year.
  20. Kind of want to watch it. I think the video in the Link by AOberlin doesn't open. Its a picture. Are you having success opening it?
  21. Here's some info the Scholar compiled related to the new classifications from performance at State. State champion by class based on team points. There's been a discussion in the past about recognizing champions with this method IHSAA does not recognize the classifications. 4A- Indy Cathedral 3A-Roncali 2A- Bellmont, Northwood 1A-Shenandoah State Qualifiers 4A- 92 or 41.1% 3A - 57 or 25.4% 2A - 53 or 23.7% 1A- 22 or 9.8% State Placers 4A- 51 or 45.5% 3A - 26 or 23.2% 2A- 24 or 21.4% 1A- 11 or 9.8% Analysis Again the bigger schools dominate again with class 4a with 11% of the schools getting 41% of qualifiers and 45% of placers. Class 1A gets roughly 10% of placers and Qualifiers. Surprisingly 3A and 2A are very similar statistically with 3A slightly beating out 2A. Indiana probably will never have class wrestling, but are the smaller schools really happy with this? You have some great athletes that will always have a very difficult time getting recognized at the state level. Its just accepted in Indiana, and I have mentioned before that many small schools embrace the "Hoosier syndrome". "Hoosier Syndrome" is the small school mentality that the small schools can compete with the big guys and occasionally pull off the big upset, and that's better than just competing against the little guys, a theme essentially inspired in the movie "Hoosiers". We've had the argument if it affects participation and stats are inconclusive in my opinion. Ive been around and seen both sides. Just to explain another perspective. Back in my home state "Kansas", they are a believer in class wrestling and are immersed in class wrestling. Ive discussed with some Kansans in the wrestling community and they have a hard time wrapping there heads around one class. But the state tournament there is broken into 4 classes similar to the surrounding states. Its seriously flawed in that they wrestle the tournament in 3 locations. The small class (made up of about 70 schools) goes out to a small town in Western Kansas called Hays and have their own tournament. They host the tournament at Ft Hays State a D2 college wrestling program. Most of the towns in western Kansas are small, so its geographically centered where most of the small schools are. But the joy of it is there's a lot of kids and fans that get to participate. Hotels are sold out, and restaruants are busy during this weekend. There's caravans of cars with windows painted going to state. They really embrace it and love they get to spend the night at a hotel. The ironic thing is the small school wrestlers think they're great because they qualified and believe there level is close to the bigger classes. Its tremendously watered down level of wrestling compared to Indiana, but the kids are ignorant of that and they believe that qualifying for state is just as big of achievement as it is in any other state like Indiana. Ignorance is bliss, but they kids are proud and having a good time.
  22. Also, think about this. Wrestling would not be the first sport to get replay review ok'd by the IHSAA. Rembember, were not a priority Just imagine if wrestling had video review and basketball and football didn't. Football and basketball coaches would freak out and demand video review because wrestling had it. Wrestling and basketball are the poster childs and take leads and no way would wrestling get it first. So if basketball and football got review approved by IHSAA, then possibly the IHSAA would be forced to consider review for wrestling. This is just like wrestle backs. Were not going to get wrestle backs approved by the IHSAA until basketball or football get wrestle backs. We cant have our own special need until basket ball gets to try it out 1st. .
  23. That's a possible idea, but then somebody would request it at team state or the Al smith or team state or some other big tournament, then down slippery slope. Also, think about this, if we didn't have experience in the season with replay, you wouldn't get the bugs worked out. You would have officials, coaches, and filmers and tech people inexperienced with using this technology. You would have a lot of problems with inexperienced camera men and tech issues. You would have coaches and referees with no experience on what situation you could review. I think you would have serious problems at sectonals and regionals. Who would play for the equimpment to be used a few weeks a year. The other issue is that could add a lot of time to wrestling meets which generally are already to long. You potentially could add hours to a meet with more bored fans in the stands watching nothing.
  24. I think it would generally help, but not the panacea you think. But I think to do correctly you would have to implement this across the whole state for the whole season, and you just cant bring it out for the sate finals. I don't think right to change the rules for the state tournament. The problem with that is to do this, ever high school would have to invest in some live camera system and video system that can be replayed. You're going to have to add an additional volunteer person for each table at every meet that had video skills and probably a tech person. There would be additional cost for each school to invest in a system that would meet a certain standard. Also, maybe the refs might need some training. It just would make an administrative nightmare to implement this on a widespread scale.
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