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  1. Panthers1

    Anderson vs. Elwood

  2. I've been looking & I haven't seen a list of the wrestlers that are competing on either team this year.
  3. Panthers1

    Elwood vs. Tipton

  4. Panthers1

    Muncie Central vs. Elwood

    Muncie Central
  5. Panthers1

    East Central vs. Elwood

    East Central
  6. Pendleton Heights
  7. Panthers1

    Elwood vs. Tipton

  8. Panthers1

    Anderson vs. Elwood

  9. As the coach of Elwood, I have been watching this closely. We would have not forfeited 170 for sectional if two things would have happened deferently, which I think would have gave us enough points to get in.(1) My varsity wrestler would have been checked out 1 day earlier (missed being cleared by 1 day) couldn't get his practices in to return. (2) My jv wrestler @ 170 didn't have enough weigh-ins, because he was academicly not eligible until after the first of the year. I wouldn't let him weigh-in prior, because he hadn't made the grades. He made all of the practices from day 1 of Nov. until the last of the season. He also passed his math class. I would love our school to be eligible to represent our community in the team state, but things happen. Hope that we can get the votes to get in. Thanks Fred Short
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