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Everything posted by grappleapple

  1. At New Castle Devontay Moore of North Central beat Cameron Bacon in the opening round.
  2. Good write up but next time try to be a little detailed. (kidding of course)
  3. So both of those losses were out of state guys as well. Thanks for the info.
  4. I went through and looked at the brackets to get the records. It looks like the combined record of the No. 1 guys is 417-6. I know Dickens lost to two out of state guys, Washington (160) lost to South (170) and Rooks (138) lost to Warren (145). I'm not sure where Garcia's and Moran's loss came from. But, still mighty impressive.
  5. Just looking at the rankings and the top ranked guys in the 14 weight classes have lost just two times, combined to in-state wrestlers. Both of those losses look like they came when wrestling guys in a higher weight class. I just thought this was interesting.
  6. I never did hear if this unfortunate outcome cost anyone a trip to regional. What's the verdict?
  7. My understanding is, and I'm certainly no expert - but it's a tech fall. The match isn't stopped immediately because the kid winning had a chance for the pin. Once that no longer was on the table, the match should have stopped. Again, I'm not an expert. I would be surprised to see the rules be any different though.
  8. I think the Shenandoah sectional has five ranked wrestlers, not one. Gabe Phillips, Tytus Ragle, Dallas Pugsley, Hayden Lohrey and Silas Allred.
  9. Good info. I didn't know that about the match. I just saw the final score - which was still close.
  10. We're getting close to the best time of the year - the wrestling state tournament. Who are your picks for state champion locks? I don't want to put any undo pressure on these kids, but it is fun to discuss. I'm putting my locks as Cottey at 106, Moran at 113, Littell at 120 and Allred at 195.
  11. I'm not following quite as much as I have in the past, but this is usually a pretty good tournament. What are some of the best matches to look for? Just looking through the brackets and a few weight classes stand out. I think the most interesting one will be 152 with Tytus Ragle (36-0), Cooper Noehre (25-2) and Eric Heistand (24-1). 126 will likely have a good semifinal match between Delta's Blackburn and Wilkerson of Mt. Vernon. Then, the winner will likely get to meet 2-time state champ Curtis in the final. The other final that I think could be entertaining is 182. If I've rea
  12. I have found an advance copy of the brackets. This one is more legible than most years. You're welcome.
  13. I believe it's - Nor-ray, but I could be just saying it wrong.
  14. It looks like Cooper has had quite the start to the season. He lost to No. 1- ranked Rodgers in OT, beat No. 2 ranked Fair and No. 3 ranked Schoenegge at 152 pounds, beat No. 2 ranked Graves at 145 pounds then lost to Bryar Hall. He's wrestled some studs in the early goings. As a side note, Bryar Hall is one heck of a wrestler.
  15. I think Hayden Lohrey from Shenandoah might crack the rankings at 160.
  16. Indiana mat didn't give me a trophy for placing somewhere along the lines of 65th in the State Pick'em contest. I'm on the hate wagon now too.
  17. This year's state meet was great, as always - but, what is your favorite state finals and why? For me, it was probably Chad Red's senior season. The electricity in the air for that Lee/Red match was one of the coolest things I've experienced in the sport. Last year the most fun was the third-place heavyweight match.
  18. Absolutely. Not knowing him personally at all, he carried himself extremely well even when faced with that questionable call. I was also really impressed with the attitude of Sam Hansen of Roncalli. He seemed to be having the time of his life, and was very polite. I talked to him for a second after the finals and he was just a very gracious kid.
  19. Yeah - of course Lee and Parris were impressive. I had seen them wrestle several times though. I was referring to wrestlers I hadn't seen in action yet.
  20. What wrestler at state, that maybe you hadn't seen before, impressed you the most? I have watched most of these guys at some point or another. But, probably the one that stands out for me was Manzona Bryant. He was pretty fun to watch, and I think he'll be a force next season for sure.
  21. New Castle's Dalton Clouse might possibly be the only person to have a lead on Mason Parris this season. Clouse stepped to the mat, and strategically didn't remind Parris that he hadn't taken his t-shirt off yet. Clouse was awarded the point and the lead. Somehow Parris recovered, but man, what a start for the Trojan senior.
  22. If I interpreted what I saw correctly, it looked like Yorktown's assistant coach told Hunt that it was his decision. He chose neutral right away. I like the call. He was going for the win, not the field goal for the tie. It didn't pan out - but he put it all on the line.
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