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Been seeing his highlight all over the place. Big fan of the kid and his family. 


As far recruiting... it’s tricky. Colleges are in a tough spot. If they don’t have a season, the current rosters pick up another year of eligibility. So.. do you give your upper class men another year money or sign some fresh blood. This is the sad truth... if teams don't wrestle, there will be A LOT less money for this year’s recruiting class. And.. it will be even worse if we don’t have a high school season. College coaches will have to make a choice to give money to what they know they have or to a kid that hasn’t wrestled a season in over a year. 

With all of that said... if you are a kid that is a senior and wants to wrestle at the next level, get to any tournaments you can now. Find tough competition and do your best. The other stuff (pre-season) is more important then ever for this years senior class. Also... reach out to the colleges that you want to attend. Recruit them!!! 

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