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Goshen Regional Picks

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Individual picks are in order.Top 4 teams not in order because I could see all 4 teams winning. 

Jimtown,Northridge, Prairie Heights,Central Noble

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-Highlighted by freshmen, as this weight often is, there should be some great action. Central Noble’s undefeated Alex Ocampo(12-0) has been on an absolute tear since his entering the starting line-up just a few weeks ago and looks to be the favorite. Freshman Nick Olson(29-4) out of Goshen, however, had a fantastic sectional with a pin over former semi-state qualifying Elkhart Central senior Sean Johnson(31-11), and then a convincing win over Northridge freshman Julius Graber(22-6) for the championship. Olson will look to keep the train rolling, but should be tested in the semifinals against the winner of Johnson and East Noble stud freshman Aidan Sprague(26-6). Graber is likely to face Ocampo on the other side of the bracket.


Alex Ocampo, Aidan Sprague, Nick Olson, Julius Graber



-Now here is a weight class that is going to give all the other regional champions a headache in Ft. Wayne. Three of the competitors here wrestled in the ticket round last year. Returning regional champion Isaac Weimer(34-1), senior of West Noble, is the favorite but by a slim margin, beating Angola junior Jett Boots(31-5) by a 2-1 score at sectionals. Meanwhile, Northridge sophomore Justin Puckett(28-5) won his sectional with complete ease and is capable of beating either of the aforementioned wrestlers. Don’t overlook Lakeland freshman Ben Miller(29-5) if he gets passed Jimtown’s junior Hunter Funderburk(21-12) in the first round, as he has put together a solid freshman campaign. The top four here are so tough that they could all legitimately qualify for state next weekend. 


Isaac Weimer, Justin Puckett, Jett Boots, Ben Miller



-Northridge senior Evan Beasley(31-2) is looking for his first regional championship after finishing as runner-up the last two seasons, and is coming off a dominating sectional championship over some tough wrestlers. Out of Westview we have freshman out of Prairie Heights in Sam Levitz(26-1)(stop me if you’ve heard that last name before). He could meet Beasley in the championship, but cannot overlook his likely semifinals match with Goshen junior Rasheek Bonds(28-10). Bonds may have 10 losses, but he is a former semi-state qualifier and has wrestled a lot of tough 120 pounders this year. He also holds a victory over Levitz’s sole loss. In a first round battle of juniors, Elkhart Central’s Eric Garcia(29-5), a former semi-state qualifier, will take on Angola’s surging Trevor Marple(21-14).


Evan Beasley, Rasheek Bonds, Sam Levitz, Eric Garcia



-Have you heard of Jimtown senior Hunter Watts(32-1)? Rumor has it he’s a pretty decent wrestler. He’s the clear favorite at this weight class, but there are some other good wrestlers fighting for placement. West Noble junior Kyler Brown(31-5) has had a quiet, but good season and captured a sectional championship last week. His likely opponent, Northridge sophomore Collin Ruemler(19-8), is certainly no slouch. He has wrestled Watts twice this season and led him for a short period in both matches. A fun first round match to watch should be senior from Elkhart Central, Brad Felder(23-14), and Fremont junior Isaac Hawkins(39-4). Hawkins has a much better record, but Felder is a former semi-State qualifier and has been battle-tested with Central’s schedule.


Hunter Watts, Collin Ruemler, Kyler Brown, Brad Felder



-If our sectional champions hold up, we should have a match-up of undefeated seniors! Jimtown’s Matt Gimson(36-0) and Central Noble’s Chris Schuller(34-0) have both been to Banker’s Life and are looking to end their high school careers high up on the podium. East Noble’s senior Adam Ledesma(15-3) was a takedown away from qualifying for state last year and has been looking tough at 132, but after losing to Schuller last week will have a date with Gimson earlier than I’m sure he’d like. In a 2/3 match-up of seniors, Goshen’s Christian Santos(29-6) will square off with Prairie Heights’ Zeke Rowden(24-10). Rowden majored Santos at the Al Smith, but a lot can change in a month of wrestling season.


Matt Gimson, Chris Schuller, Adam Ledesma, Zeke Rowden



-Winning your regional championship is usually a good thing. However, when you have a 66.7% chance of having a ticket round match against one of #3 Conner Gimson(Jimtown, 12, 35-1), #6 Tanner Schoeff(Central Noble, 12, 31-3), or #7 Nick Buchanan(Prairie Heights, 11, 31-4), things start becoming less fun for all the 138s out of Peru, Jay County, and Carroll. This is definitely the weight with the most star power in it. Two-time SQ Schoeff and Michigan 6th placer Buchanan traded close wins in the regular season, but Buchanan got the best of Schoeff at sectionals in overtime. This gives Schoeff an early date with returning 5th placer one-loss Gimson if he wants a chance to win match #4. The last spot seems likely to go to Goshen senior Braxton Rodriguez(27-10) who is looking for his third trip to Ft. Wayne.


Conner Gimson, Nick Buchanan, Tanner Schoeff, Braxton Rodriguez



-Arguably the deepest weight class at this regional, with a very stout four out of Westview’s sectional. Prairie Heights senior Ryan Rasler(32-3) comes in fresh off his second sectional championship and is the favorite to come out this weekend with his first regional championship, but he should be tested along the way in his attempt to make it back to Ft. Wayne for the third time. Northridge senior Adam Hooley(23-4) also made it to semi state last year and comes in as a sectional champion, but he has a tough path to get a chance at leaving with a regional championship. Before squaring off against Rasler, he would first have to beat not only West Noble junior Shayne Tierney(26-5) who is in the midst of a quiet breakout season, but also Lakeland senior Jadon Miller(26-7) in the first round. Miller is as tough of a sectional 4th placer you’re going to find and has the tools to pull out the upset. Occupying the final spot in Ft. Wayne comes down between senior semi-State qualifier Tanner Stacy(24-8) out of East Noble and Jimtown freshman Landon Buchanan(24-10). Buchanan and Stacy have both put together fine campaigns and are capable of beating the other.


Ryan Rasler, Adam Hooley, Tanner Stacy, Shayne Tierney



-Only one wrestler at this weight comes in with semi-State experience and shockingly enough, he’s the only one with regional experience as well. Prairie Heights junior Isiah Levitz(31-3) has made it out of Goshen the last two seasons, but he is still searching for his first regional championship. While he is the favorite, Elkhart Memorial junior Kamden Goering(28-3) will certainly try to avenge a 9-4 loss at the Al Smith. Goering’s two older brothers have had a lot of success the past few years and Kamden is having a terrific season. Elkhart Central senior Nate Dibley(20-12) is likely to make his first trip to semi-state while Concord senior Max Welch(16-9) and East Noble sophomore Garner Owens(14-9) to battle for the final spot.


Isiah Levitz, Kamden Goering, Nate Dibley, Garner Owens



-This weight is highlighted by two former semi-State qualifiers separated on opposite sides of the bracket after winning their respective regionals. Elkhart Memorial sophomore Clayton Lundy(28-5) was one match away from Banker’s Life last year, but Central Noble senior Jadon Crisp(33-1) will be a very tough opponent to overcome for his first regional championship. Senior out of Elkhart Central, Austin Garcia(31-8) is likely to be making his first trip and will look to push Crisp in the semi-finals. The last first round match-up appears to be a pick em between Prairie Heights senior Seth Sutton(16-15) and NorthWood junior Tyler Becker(20-12).


Jadon Crisp, Clayton Lundy, Austin Garcia, Tyler Becker



-You want unpredictability? Well then look no further than this 170 pound weight class! There is no clear-cut favorite here. In a bit of a minor surprise, Concord senior Orlando Clark(25-4) won the sectional championship over NorthWood junior Jaden Miller(25-6). This happened after a tight semifinals victory over Elkhart Central junior Peyton Anderson(28-9). The top four out of Westview are all tough wrestlers as well. Austin McCollough(20-9), senior from Central Noble, had a great day with a semifinals pin over Prairie Heights senior Bennett Johnson(22-10) and a finals decision over DeKalb junior Blake Rowe(22-9). Some first round pairings include Miller-Johnson and Anderson-Rowe, all of who are capable of winning the regional title here. This isn’t the most star-studded bracket, but it could be the most unpredictable by the end of the day.


Jaden Miller, Blake Rowe, Austin McCollough, Orlando Clark



-NorthWood junior Jake Lone(30-3) is coming off a regional championship at 170 last year, which culminated in a state placement. This year he looks to win his second regional championship, but it won’t be easy when he has a returning semi-state qualifier in Lakeland senior Brandon Bergman(26-1). Occupying the 3rd and 4th spots could definitely go any one of four different ways. Jimtown junior Henry Gratzol(25-13) will square off against DeKalb senior Austin Curran(21-12) for the right to a potential semifinals battle with Bergman, while Northridge junior Caid Lacey(21-6) will battle Angola senior Alex McKee(23-11) to see who will face Lone. Those two matches could go either way.


Jake Lone, Brandon Bergman, Henry Gratzol, Caid Lacey



Jon Messer - Prairie Heights(12, 29-3)

Ibrahim Khaoucha - Northridge(10, 21-8)

Julio Navarro - Goshen(12, 24-8)

Aaron Martinez - Jimtown(12, 21-14)



Levi Leffers - Central Noble(12, 32-1)

Kevin Hartman - Angola(12, 28-9)

Sea Davis - Elkhart Central(11, 21-12)

Kaleb Kilmer - Goshen(11, 19-13)



Vince Yoder - Fairfield(12, 26-5)

Brian Bergman - Lakeland(12, 25-4)

Keenan Perkins - Jimtown(12, 29-10)

Jose Rosales - Goshen(11, 30-7)

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