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Reversal from a standing position.

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I saw this call the other night and it didn't make common sense.  Wrestler A is on top in referee's position.  Wrestler B stands up and A is trying to return him to the mat.  While they are both in standing position, wrestler B gets behind A and the momentum takes them out of bounds. Both wrestlers were standing the whole time. The ref calls 2 reversal.  Is there a different rule for this?  It seems like it would be just an escape

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Rule 5-22-1 covers this...


Page 27 Rule 5 Section 22 Art 1
It is a reversal when the defensive wrestler comes from underneath and gains control of his opponent, either on the mat or in a rear-standing position, while all the supporting points of either wrestler are inbounds. (Photos 21-22 on page 65)
thank you,
Josh Medvescek, IHSAA Official
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