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Attempting to return to the mat?


I DO NOT have the rule book in front of me, so I would appreciate any actual reference citing the rule.




Situation: Bottom wrestler stands up, top wrestler must "attempt to return" or "must return" the opponent to the mat?




I thought the rule was attempt to return.I feel like this gets called stalling frequently (and asked for by the bottom wrestler coach of course) even though the top wrestler is making a reasonable attempt to return.The bottom wrestler is just doing a good job of NOT getting returned.




To me this is like calling the bottom wrestler for stalling for 'not escaping' once they got to their feet.




Obviously this is a judgement call hinging on the word attempt.





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Casebook:  Page 87 

Section 6 Stalling

5-H   In the advantage position, it is stalling when staying behind your opponent while on your feet, making no attempt to bring the opponent to the mat

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