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Coach McCormick

Cael McCormick (Army) --- Update on his first three events

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Jennifer and I appreciate the support and well-wishes that people have offered with regard to Cael's freshman season/year at Army.  In his first three collegiate events, he has placed 6th (Virginia Tech -Southeast Open- Roanoke, VA), 4th (Binghamton Open- Vestal, NY), and 1st (New York State Intercollegiate Championships hosted at Cornell).  

More importantly, his academics seem to be squared away thus far.  It is certainly a little different not having him around home, but we are proud of his efforts in New York.  We are definitely looking forward to having him home this week for Thanksgiving!  This will be the first time he has been able to come home since we dropped him off at West Point on June 27 for basic training and school.


Best Wishes,

Coach McCormick



New York State Intercollegiate Championships (hosted by Cornell University)

          - This event included roughly 30 college and university teams that were all from the state of New York.

           - Results and bracket below for the A157 # weight class


Round 1 - McCormick (Army) over Max Elling (Columbia)  6-2

Round 2 - McCormick (Army) over Raymond Jazikoff (NYU) 5-3

Round 3 - McCormick (Army) over Mark Marchetti (Army) TB-2, 4-3

Round 4 - McCormick (Army) over Taylor Simaz (Cornell) fall 2:05


A - 157
1st Place - Cael McCormick of Army
2nd Place - Taylor Simaz of Cornell
3rd Place - Mark Marchetti of Army
4th Place - Raymond Jazikoff of New York University
5th Place - Kobe Garrehy of Buffalo
6th Place - Jake Kaminsky of Hofstra
7th Place - Max Elling of Columbia
8th Place - Jake Einbinder of Binghamton University




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