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17 hours ago, SWINfan said:

I can't criticize because I didn't watch it, but how do you get 2 stalling penalty points on your feet in a 4-2 match in the 3rd Period?

I did watch it as I was grading papers yesterday and I thought the first stall was warranted  (in the first period) as Streck backed up a lot and really made no attempt to get back in bounds, but the last 2 in the third period, you could argue that Coon was not allowing Streck back in. Coon would bully Streck to the line, then post hard as Streck tried to push back in. As big as Streck is, Coon made him look small and easily pushed him out of bounds. The official was consistent, calling it stalling every time, but Coon was not trying to score, he was just driving Streck out and it cost Streck a point in Unsportsmanlike too as he looked to have told the official what he thought about his stall penalties in the third. Long way to go, but promising start for him and a lot of Purdue's Varsity Lineup.

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Streck was called for nuetral stalling due to backing out of bounds.  It's an automatic call in college unless there is action.

3 options:

  • Stalling backing out
  • Stalling push/pull out
  • Action

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