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Everything posted by scoob134

  1. scoob134

    Escape or No Escape?

    Found this video online of a great escape/no escape situation. Who says escape and who says no escape? And what is your reasoning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rZ3hlcE2Po Hopefully spur a little discussion on this situation and see what everyone has to say.
  2. scoob134

    ISWA Needs Officials

    I still need to fill several spots for the ISWA State Finals at Warren Central March 10/11 Use the following form to register. ISWA Events
  3. scoob134

    Bow and Arrow

    Correction... After discussing this with others, even after you have turned your opponent this would be illegal if you reached back for the ankle and bowed it. This is something some of us used to allow but will no longer allow by application.
  4. scoob134

    Bow and Arrow

    Yes, the bow and arrow is illegal to turn your opponent regardless of the angle you try to turn at from the spine. Once you step across the body with the ankle it is illegal by application. If you have your opponent turned and on his back, you may reach back for the ankle and hold it. Sorry, but I don't have my rule book with me to point to the rule and picture. Bart Welch, IHSAA Official
  5. scoob134

    Leg Turk nearfall

    One of the things we look for in this situation are the hips. If the turk is still in and hips are not square to the mat, then NF would not be awarded yet as the defensive man cannot defend himself. Bart Welch, IHSAA Official
  6. scoob134

    Official Weigh-Ins

    You must contact Mr. Faulkens prior to the weigh in to get the ok for this as well.
  7. scoob134

    How Difficult Is License Exam

    Scott, what area of the state are you in? We can get you in contact with a local association to help you out as well. Bart Welch
  8. scoob134

    Michigan state open

    Streck was called for nuetral stalling due to backing out of bounds. It's an automatic call in college unless there is action. 3 options: Stalling backing out Stalling push/pull out Action
  9. Looks like some are missing. Purdue's schedule shows a few meets on BTN that you don't have listed.
  10. Having had infections myself I feel bad for this wrestler. All schools are or should be taking all precautions they can in order keep their wrestlers from getting any one of many skin diseases. We need to put some responsibility on the wrestlers and in order to do this we need to properly educate then on what to watch for instead of ignoring the symptoms.all it takes is one wrestler to get infected before there is a major outbreak. With that being said, I do have some information that can help schools clean and disinfect their wrestling rooms as well as their locker rooms and equipment. I am currently a high school and collegiate official so I want to help as much as I can. Please pm me if you want more information for this.
  11. scoob134


    South Dearborn sectional was post poned due to weather
  12. scoob134

    jasper regional

    Castle wins 29-16 over Mater Del first round

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