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Christmas Dual All-Americans

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Indiana represented at the Christmas Duals:


3rd grade and under All Americans:

Cameron Harden-40 (5-0)

Lucas Day-40 (5-1)

Luke Rioux-43 (6-0) **Outstanding Wrestler Winner

Nathan Rioux-46 (5-1)

Kyle Harden-56 (4-1)

Caden Brewer-70 (5-1)

Noah Clouser-70 (4-1)

Kaden McConnell-80 (6-0)

Hunter May-80 (4-1)

Drew Mills-HWT (6-0)


elementary 6th grade and below:

Camden Hill-45 (5-0)

Case Bell-45 (4-1)

Logan Miller-55 (5-0)

keaton Morton-55 (4-1)

Jesse Mendez -70 (5-0)

Ben Dalton-70 (4-1)

Cheaney Schoeff-70 (4-1)

Stephen Roberson-75 (5-0)

Tyler Conley-80 (5-0)

Hayden Watson-80 (5-0)

Diesel Duncan-95/100 (5-0)

Brach Carrington-95 (4-1)

Royce lofton-95/100 (4-1)

Jayden Reynolds-100 (4-1)

Drew Mason-110/120 (5-0)

Gabe Sollars-110 (4-1)

Jeremiah Hernandez-110 (4-1)

Adrien Cramer-120 (5-0)

Nate Lommock-120 (4-1)

tyler Turley-130 (4-1)

Dylan Case-130 (4-1)

Cam Shrum-HWT (4-1)


Middle School:

Alex Cottey-70 (5-0)

Preston Tuesch-75 (4-0)

Logan Carrington-75 (4-1)

Drake Campbell-75 (4-1)

Colton Drousias-75 (3-1)

Raymond Rioux-80 (4-1)

Brayden Litell-85 (5-0)

Jake Schoenegge-100 (4-1)

Nathan Conley-126 (4-0)

Trey Sizemore-126 (4-1)

Jared Uran-155 (4-1)

Michael Baker-175 (5-0)


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Thanks for taking time to put this on board! Saved me a bunch. Congrats to all Indiana kids. It was a great day of wrestling at a tough tournament. Hats off!

Bryan Bailey

Indiana Outlaws

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Great weekend of wrestling. I have been going to this event for 6 years. Seeing our Indiana boys getting it done at this level is exciting. Big shout out to the Contenders 3rd grade and under team that brought home the Gold. Keep up the good work boys!



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Thank you for putting that list together!!  I am horrible about getting on here and doing updates.  It was a great tournament, congrats to all the kids!!

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